How to Decorate with Touches of Fall Decor

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Fall is in the air! I love the rustic look and so I like to use/decorate for the holidays keeping some of the rustic style alive!

This year I did not go crazy with extras.  Fall in my home starts right when school starts!  That way we can have fall decor until Thanksgiving! 

I went to Michael’s, my favorite art supply store.  They offer 40% off weekly and even more when the holiday is closer. 

My family and I had gone apple picking and wanted to get sunflowers.  They looked gorgeous from afar but close up they were on their way out.  I also don’t have a green thumb with keeping plants alive.  I haven’t mastered it yet!  Anyway,  I went to Michael’s and got an array of fall flowers.  I purchased one large sunflower and 2 smaller ones with fill, greenery and other fall colored flowers.  

I spent about $14.00 on this bunch using my 40% coupon and the fact the flowers were on sale!   I already had a large, tall jar that I filled half way with mini pumpkins that I purchased at Target, in the dollar spot.  Each package contained 6 pumpkins for $3.00.  I purchased an orange pumpkin package and the white with gold tint.  I must have redone the flower arrangement 3 or 4 times before I was satisfied with the look!  In total I spent $20.  Best part is I can reuse this decor and make other decorations with it in the future!

My family and I go pumpkin picking and try to make something different every year without carving it so it will last longer.  Last year we painted a white ghost and added glow in the dark paint.  This year we just had the kids decorate their pumpkin with stickers.  After halloween we removed the stickers and now its just a pumpkin decoration!

Last decor this year a small jar filled with orange leaves for the table.  Simple and not overwhelming! This sits on our kitchen table.

Simple is key for us!


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