Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich

Blog #11 Grilled Cajun Chicken Sandwich:

Who loves sandwiches? Hot, cold, grilled, fried….I know SOO MANY options!  What to make on any given day….hmmm

Today we are making grilled cajun chicken sandwiches! Yum!  My husband raved about this sandwich in particular.  He loves sandwiches so he is a good person to try my different sandwich creations!

When making sandwiches it honestly has to do a lot with the bread you use.  I feel like I say this a lot but it is true.  Would you enjoy a grilled chicken sandwich on white bread.  It doesn’t taste the same.  White bread is excellent with peanut butter and jam but not a chicken sandwich in my opinion.  Take my word for it.  You never go to a restaurant or fast food place and order a sandwich that comes in JUST sandwich bread.  Its Italian, ciabatta, rye, marble or on a bagel just to name a few.  This recipe is on ciabatta bread cause idk I just love ciabatta bread!

Here are the ingredients you need to make this mouth watering sandwich:

1 1/2 lb of chicken breast halved (your chicken will be thinner and will cook faster)

4 tbsp of Olive Oil

Garlic Powder *

Pepper *

Onion Powder *

Cajun Seasoning *

4 ciabatta buns (in my case I have two long ones that I cut in half)

pepper jack cheese slices or cheese of your choice

1 cup of spinach

2 sliced onions



*Please note for this recipe I did not measure the seasoning. I generously seasoned each side of the chicken breasts.


The first step is to generously season each side of the chicken breasts with the garlic powder, pepper, onion powder and cajun season.  Heat up your skillet with 2tbs of oil to cook the first batch of chicken breasts.  Cook for about 5-7 minutes per side.  Add a slice of cheese and use a cover to melt the cheese for a few seconds.  Use the remaining 2 tbsp of olive oil to cook the second batch of chicken breasts.  In the mean time, slice your ciabatta buns in half and broil on high for about a minute or two.  If you turn the oven on broil when you start cooking your buns will toast within a minute tops.  Add some ketchup and mustard to the bottom of the bun.  Assemble a chicken breast and add some onion and spinach.

Serve with waffle fries or chips! Enjoy!

❤ Azilde

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