Lemon Chicken Pizza

Blog # 5: Lemon Chicken Pizza

Weekday night or weekend lunch or dinner?  Most of us don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen every week but we do.  During the week I like to make nutritious, filling and quick meals.  On the weekends I find myself making a large breakfast, cooking lunch and dinner!  It’s the weekend!  I love to cook but I find myself in the kitchen all day!  I have learned to simplify meals so I can enjoy my time with my family.  Here is a yummy, crusted pizza my family and I enjoy!


olive oil

lemon juice

fresh parmesan cheese


Arugula and spinach salad mix

Grilled chicken breast (cut up into small pieces)


Turn your oven on broil.  While that is heating up brush some olive oil on naan.  Then put on a safe oven dish and in oven for about 2 min or until brown.  Flip naan and broil for another min or until brown.  Remove from oven and brush some more olive oil on naan, shred some parmesan cheese, arugula and spinach salad mix, more shredded parmesan cheese and warm grilled chicken pieces.  Top off with fresh squeezed lemon juice!

*chicken is optional.  I also enjoy it meatless!


❤ Azilde


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