Kids Christmas Craft

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Kids make all sorts of things at school during the month of December.  Over the years it becomes a collection of things.  The first year, as a parent, you are excited and display these crafts on your christmas tree.  But over the years it becomes too cluttered and way to many crafts that don’t go with your own christmas decorations.

What to do with these crafts…You don’t want to toss them.  They are memories after all!  Put them to use by making a wall art christmas tree!

All you need is:

  • 6 pieces of green construction paper
  • 1 piece of brown construction paper
  • 1 piece of yellow construction paper
  • your kids holiday crafts
  • tape

No cutting required!

First step is to tape your paper to make it look like a tree.  One piece, then second row has 2 pieces and the 3rd row has three.  Then tape the brown piece on the bottom for the stump.

blank no star

I happen to have 2 different greens.  Whatever you have works.  Next step tape it to the wall.  I put it in my kids room.  Can you see all the crayon marks in the picture?!

Now make your star.  I’m not really good explaining this so here are the steps on making the star in picture form.

Tape your star together and then tape it to your tree.

blank tree

Lastly, tape your kids crafts to their tree!

Quick, easy and fun!  The kids have their own tree to decorate.  My kids love it!


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