Christmas Goodie Gifts

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Its so much fun to bake around the holidays! I personally am not a baker but love to try new things! Some things are good and sometimes well you get the point.

I enjoy making goodies that don’t require much work since I am usually making large batches. My favorite Christmas goodie is BARK! Its super easy! I buy a couple of large bags of chocolate chips and white chocolate chips and buy candy canes. Crushed is better if you can find them.

I melt the white chocolate layer it on a sheet pan. I then stick that in the freezer while I melt the chocolate chips. Milk or semi chocolate taste fine. Whichever you prefer! I then layer the chocolate over the white or vice versa. While the chocolate is still warm layer some crushed candy canes over the chocolate.

I put the candy canes in a plastic sealed bag and crush with a spoon. Its super noisy which is why I recommend crushed candy canes!  Stick the pan back in the freezer for about 15-20 minutes and then break with a spoon into pieces and serve!

You can always make your favorite desserts whether their homemade or out of a box! Everyone loves baked goods and chocolates! The best part is putting your goodies in cute tins and jars to gift. Check out my video:


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