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Gifts is the stressful part of Christmas because you might or might not have a budget and you may not know what to purchase.  The teenage years are the hardest I feel to purchase for.  Gift cards are an option but for me are not as fun to give.  I like to actually think of something thoughtful, something that the person will actually use and enjoy!

To make things easier, I make a list of everyone I have to purchase gifts for.  This list is done in October.  I also find it is easier to do themes.  One year everyone may get blankets, PJs, board games, etc.  This year I got the toddlers a towel and a pillow.  The younger kids are all getting blankets and the teenagers are getting a shower radio!  I shop for the relatives, parents and teachers.  Other gift ideas this year are photo gifts.  They are great for grandparents and relatives.  I am doing photo notebooks and photo magnets for the fridge.  Personalized gifts are great as well .  Once those gifts are purchased I move on to my family.  I purchase my husbands gifts and then together my husband and I will weed out the gifts we should get our boys.  What do they want from Santa, what they need, like clothes, snow pants, etc. and something to read.

A new thing I have been doing for a couple of months is save some money in a different account just for Christmas.  I think its great as you can make all your purchases all at once if you wanted to!  I am an online shopper for sure.  I get a theme and start adding things to my cart.  I usually order from Amazon, Target and Walmart.

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