Declutter for the New Year

Blog #22:

New year, fresh start.  We all say let’s start fresh, new beginnings and a better year.  How do you declutter your home and your life for the new year?  Do you have any goals for the year?

It is important to have goals for everything in life to keep you focused and on track.  For the new year it is also important to set new goals and re-adjust your new goals for the upcoming year.

Here are some ideas to help you get organized and goal orientated for the new year.  To start the new year I like to declutter my home.  I put my Christmas decorations away and reorganize my home, pre holiday decor.  I then go into each closet in my home and collect anything that has not been used in 6-12 months.  It could also be something like a sweater that is being replaced by a new one.  I collect everything from toys, clothes, shoes, sheets, etc. and schedule a pick up from my local charity donation center.  By doing so, I am helping those in need and making room for new things the new year may bring! I top it off with a new candle to give a nice new scent.  Perfect, now my home is clean!

I then write down all my goals for the coming year.  Now that the holidays are over I start to eat healthier.  Yes,  I know Valentine’s Day is around the corner.  All the stores have all the candy out now.  Unbelievable right!  I don’t make unhealthy sweets but definitely have a sweet from time to time.  One of my goals is to start working out on a consistent basis instead of once in a while.  I can definitely do it as I have done it before but this time I am going to stay on track.  To make it an easier transition, I am working out for 15 minutes a day and will work up to 30 min at least 4 days a week.  FOCUS!  

There are many goals but I’ll share one more with you.  Re-adjust my current goals and be more realistic about them.  What I mean is, my husband and I are trying for our third child.  This does not happen overnight.  We have been trying now for a few months.  I assumed it would happen immediately as our first two children were quick to conceive.  In order to reach that goal, I have to stay focused and positive!

I hope the goals I have shared with you give you motivation and keep you POSITIVE AND FOCUSED THIS YEAR!

Have a Happy New Year!

<3 Azilde

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