Valentine’s Day Craft

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Valentine’s day is around the corner. Instead of going out and buy gifts and decorations why not make your own!

It is one day of the year. Why go nuts over it? Besides you should show love everyday to all your loved ones!

Do you have an iPhone box? I love the iPhone boxes. They are super sturdy and you can repurpose them. I have repurposed several of them and love them! Today’s craft is a 2 tiered “basket” using two iPhone boxes.

You will need:

  • 2 Iphone boxes (tops only)
  • paints
  • Foam brush and thin paint brush
  • Old jewelry, like necklaces or earrings
  • Glue gun
Craft Supplies!

First start by painting your boxes.  I realized after that the bottom of the box doesn’t matter unless you plan on gifting it, of course!  Any paint is fine but pink will require about 3 coats.  My pink is pretty light.  I used acrylic paint which dried pretty quickly.  After each coat I let the box dry for about 10 minutes before starting the next coat.  Once the boxes dried I used my glue gun to glue the boxes to make a “2 tired” look.  I then took some old jewelry I no longer wear to decorate the box.  If you don’t have unwanted jewelry go to the dollar store or look for jewelry on sale.  You can really use anything you have on hand, like buttons!  I used a necklace and earring set.  The cheaper the quality the easier to take apart.


I took the necklace and earrings apart and used the glue gun to create a pattern.  I did add some hearts on the side of the box as well.

Untitled design

That is it!  I use it to put all my hair clips and hair elastics.  This could also be used for jewelry, office supplies, such as stick notes, paper clips, etc.  Anything you need storage for!


Check out some more Valentine’s craft on my channel:

Happy Valentine’s Day!

<3 Azilde

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