Homemade Ice Cream

Blog #41:

Homemade ice cream…hmm sounds good but to hard to make.  Do you need extra equipment?  Nope!  Homemade ice cream can be made with just 2 ingredients!  The best part is you can add any flavors to make your favorite ice cream!  The secret ingredients are milk and bananas!  Yes, I know, you can make ice cream with just bananas but I find the ice cream is creamer when milk is added to it.  All you need for equipment is a blender or food processor.

SliceToday I made chocolate ice cream with chocolate chips!  I used a bunch of ripe bananas, sliced them and then froze them.  That is key.  You need to freeze the bananas in order to get ice cream consistency.  You can do this any time and use the bananas later on.  They are great for smoothies as well!  Anyway, if you plan on making ice cream the same day freeze the bananas for a few hours before using.

Put the frozen bananas in a blender or food processor and add milk.  Depending on how many bananas you have.  I actually do not measure but eye ball it.  Usually a 1/4 cup or less if you do not have many bananas.  You don’t want to “water” it down.  Blend and then add flavors if you’d like.  I used cocoa powder to get a chocolate flavor.  2 tbs of chocolate cocoa powder!

Add a little bit of body textOnce blended you will see a creamy shake consistency.  At this point you could honestly have this as a chocolate shake!  If you really wanted to!  If you want ice cream lets head to the next step.  I then mixed chocolate chips and then froze the mix for a few hours.  Scoop and enjoy!!

It is fun to experiment with different toppings and flavors, of course.  My family and I are ice cream people for sure.  There is always ice cream in my home.  We try to eat the healthy versions since we eat ice cream weekly, year round.  Making homemade ice cream is even better when you know exactly what the ingredients are and no added sugar!


❤ Azilde

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