25 Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget

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Christmas is right around the corner and this year I am way behind on my shopping!  With a new baby in the house things have been a bit busier for sure.  By December 1st I would have had everything done by now.

I will start my Christmas shopping this week!  A week before the holiday.  I know, I know! But it seems many people do this, I noticed.  I plan to just go in store and shop this time around, since I don’t have much time.  I like to make a list of everyone on my list and next to each name what to buy.  That way when I am out I will have a better idea on what I am looking for and not splurge.  I make a budget and stick to it.   This will be my first time Christmas shopping in store in quite a few years but I am a bit excited to do so.  I honestly enjoy online shopping.  It is amazing!

Here is a list of gift ideas on a budget.  It is important to look for sales.  There are always sales on many things.

Ideas for adults and kids:

  1. Mug with a necklace or earrings (any jewelry);
  2. Mug with hot cocoa or coffee packet with candy cane;
  3. Robe;
  4. Slippers and a book;
  5. PJs and a book;
  6. $10 gift card to coffee shop and water bottle or travel mug;
  7. water bottle and sports headband (sporty gift);
  8. nail polish with a pair of cozy socks;
  9. sweater or top with matching nail polish;
  10. kids purse (I wouldn’t get an adult a purse unless you really know their style);
  11. board games;
  12. hair products with hair elastics and hair brush or clips:
  13. hair straighter;
  14. decorative pillows (ex. Disney Frozen or Boston Celtics);
  15. Beanie and gift card;
  16. Gloves and gift card;
  17. baby rattler/teether and outfit;
  18. football, basketball, soccerball (you get the drill);
  19. tea set (kids or adults!);’
  20. Gatorade towel (for the athlete);
  21. Wreck this journal with colored pencils;
  22. blanket;
  23. Planner for the new year;
  24. Foam seat Cushion (for any desk worker or elder);
  25. Homemade marinate with recipe card

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I hope I have given you some ideas!

Enjoy your holiday!

<3 Azilde

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