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How to Make a Wine Gift Basket

Receiving gift baskets are great, if it’s made right. I have seen gift basket’s that are not worth making. The smell of soap that will give your skin a rash. Then there is the scent that is too strong. I think over the years gift baskets have definitely improved, in store. However, there are many pre-made gift baskets sold for double the price of what you could make yourself for way less! Would you like to know how to make a wine gift basket?

Class Gift for the Holidays

A few years ago, I was the room parent for my son’s class. You ask all the parents if they would like to contribute towards a class gift. $5-10 per student should be good enough, especially when the class has 20 kids. Of course, now during COVID, classes are much smaller here in MA and 3 days are remote.

Wine Gift Basket For the Teacher

Now the hard part…what to get?  I thought about this for a while.  What would I want?    What would a teacher want for a gift?  I searched online for ideas and also searched on Pinterest.  The same thing kept popping up. Teacher related gifts, such as a crayon wreath, a cup full of rulers and the usual #1 teacher mug.  Most of these gifts have definitely been gifted to a teacher at some point.  I wanted to do something different.  Something that the teacher would actually enjoy and use.  Its the holidays after all!

And that is when I thought of it.  Wine!  Most people drink wine and if they don’t they can always save it for when they have company or re-gift it. I personally don’t drink wine but my husband does. Actually, I don’t drink at all unless a sip counts! LOL I am more of the foodie when we go out to eat. However, I love learning about wines and where they come from. Yet, I am no expert!

What is the Cost of a Gift Basket?

Now, I don’t suggest making a gift basket for everyone on your list, because gift baskets are pricey. Not as pricey as pre-made baskets but definitely not cost effective. Gift baskets are good when you have a large budget or doing a group gift, when everyone can chip in. Quality over quantity is best!

A budget of about $90-150 works best to make a GREAT wine basket. I did add a manicure and pedicure gift certificate to the basket, as I was going for a relaxing night wine basket. You can of course, omit the gift certificate and save $70! This would bring your gift basket cost down to significantly. Of course, this all depends where you live. Prices are different everywhere.

Here is What is in the Basket:

  • Bottle of Josh Pinot Noir $19
  • Jar of nuts $13
  • uncured pepperoni $9
  • crackers $4
  • cheese spread $5
  • 2 kitchen towels $6
  • Wine topper $6
  • chocolates $11
  • fuzzy socks $3
  • mani and pedi gift certificate $70
  • Don’t forget the basket! $14
Wine Gift Basket

Putting the Gift Basket Together

Before preparing the basket,  I added about 6 sheets of tissue paper to the basket.  This will give some height and cushion for everything that will go in the basket.  Two kitchen towels is ideal so you can wrap the bottle of wine in one and the other can be draped over the basket to look extra nice. Pick a cheese that does not need to be refrigerated until opened. The liquor store sells them if you cannot find one. They can also recommend what cheese goes well with the wine of choice.

This gift basket is Christmas themed, therefore everything is matching, using the color red. The basket is also a gift, as it can be used for storage and decor! Presentation is everything!

I signed the card with all of the students names in the class and inserted the gift certificate inside.  Lastly, send a picture to all the parents via email of the gift and thank them for contributing to the gift!  This a gift anyone would love!

Who Should You Gift A Wine Basket?

  • Teacher class gift
  • Supervisor (as a group gift)
  • Parents
  • Your Bestie
  • The wine lover
  • The Hostess

Honestly, anyone would love a wine basket. You get wine and cheese pairing!

Do you like gifting or receiving gift baskets?

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