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Go Girl Bullet Journal Review

I have been using bullet journals for a couple of years now and have really fell in love with them. So far each year, I have used a different journal. I have yet to find the perfect bullet journal. I just purchased the Go Girl Bullet Journal and I am so excited to use it. Here is my Go Girl Bullet Journal REVIEW.

Google or search on Pinterest, “bullet journals” and you will find a ton of cool ideas on journaling and what to actually use it for. Once I fully understood what a bullet journal was I was dying to give it a try. Essentially it is a planner customized by you. Buy a blank journal or buy one undated with some extras to help you get started.

My first bullet journal was a complete blank slate. I loved it but it was a ton of work for my lifestyle. My second bullet journal was a Cloudberry journal that I really enjoyed but wanted to try something else this year.

Go Girl Bullet Journal PROS

  • Comes in 2 sizes and many colors. I got the compact smaller size. Perfect for carrying in purse and super light.
  • Thick pages – does not bleed through
  • Pencil Holder.
  • 13 Undated months. Amazon states 12 months but its really 13 months!
  • I enjoy the layout – Months and then the weeks, in that order.
  • Has sections for goals, gratitude, habit tracker, to do’s and priority lists for the week.
  • Comes with 3 bookmarks and elastic band.
  • A page of stickers.

Go Girl Bullet Journal Cons

  • The cover is not durable. I dropped it a few days in and one of the corners got a little smooched.
  • Not enough blank pages. I mean only 3 blank pages at the end. I like to have extra for writing notes.
  • Pages are not numbered.

Thoughts So Far

So far, I am loving my Go Girl bullet journal. It is the perfect size to carry around and light weight. The downside is, there aren’t enough blank pages for me to write notes and thoughts throughout the year. I did not realize that when I purchased this journal. Therefore, I will be purchasing another small blank journal to keep notes. I have actually decided on a budget planner. One of my goals is to set a budget on grocery shopping. I tend to go a bit crazy and spending way to much. A family of 5 and soon to be 6! The food never goes bad, which is a plus but the amount of money is a bit crazy. Let’s see how it goes!

Do you use a planner?

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