About Me

About Me

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Azilde.  It means flower and originates from Spain, per my mother.  My blog AzildeElizabeth.com is my first and middle name.  I was named after two of my aunts and I love the sound of both names together! 


I started blogging as I love to share my recipes and crafts.  I also have a youtube channel I started a few years ago.  However, I am shy to show my face on videos and editing is not my thing.  Therefore, I have not posted in a long time.  I would like to start again at some point!  I do link relevant videos on my blog from time to time.  Feel free to check it out. Social Media is not my thing. I have a Pinterest, which I love and recently just got a tumblr.

Here you will find all the things I enjoy. Recipes, Lifestyle and Parenting! I write about everything and anything that is on my mind. I love to chat and blogging definitely helps 😀

Photo by Vlad on Pexels.com

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney