granola - maple walnut

How To Make Maple Walnut Granola

Here is another granola post. This time it’s a an easy maple walnut granola. Yes, super easy to make! The base of this granola is, maple syrup, coconut oil, quick oats and walnuts, of course!

chocolate pumpkin granola

How to Make Chocolate Pumpkin Granola

es and the smell of pumpkin candles and everything spice! I want to share with you how to make chocolate pumpkin granola. It is perfect for those autumn parfaits and acai bowls. I bit of pumpkin spices to get you through the fall!

taco tortellini

Kid Friendly Taco Tortellini Recipe

The first time I made taco tortellini was on pure accident. I really wanted tacos but did not have the necessary ingredients. I did have tortellini and taco seasoning, though. This taco tortellini recipe is kid friendly, meatless and easy to make!

Coconut Chocolate Truffle Balls

chocolate I came up with coconut chocolate truffle balls, using Endangered Species chocolate bar. I went all coconut with this truffle. These truffle balls have a rich chocolate, fudgy taste, with a hint of coconut flavors!

stir fry meatless monday

Stir Fry Cauliflower Rice (Meatless Monday)

Cauliflower rice can be served anyway you’d like. How about a stir fry cauliflower rice? It is super nutritious with less carbs than eating white rice, which I love! Everyone loves stir fry, so this a perfect combination. Perfect for a meatless Monday meal.

playdough learning activities with your toddler

Playdough Learning Activities with your Toddler

Some summer days are too hot, especially with these heat waves, that seem never ending! Playdough learning activities with your toddler is a great indoor activity to do together, anytime of the year! My little one will turn 2 at the end of this month. There are so many changes and new things he is learning everyday! He is enjoying playdough these days!


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I started blogging as I love to share my recipes and crafts.  I also have a youtube channel I started a few years ago.  However, I am shy to show my face on videos and editing is not my thing.  Therefore, I have not posted in a long time.  I would like to start again at some point!  I do link relevant videos on my blog from time to time.  Feel free to check it out. Social Media is not my thing. I have a Pinterest, which I love and recently just got a tumblr.

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