Finding Time To Workout (Fitness & Health)

Fitness and health is important but not a priority for many. Why, you ask? Most of us don’t enjoy working out. That includes me. Finding time to workout becomes impossible when it isn’t as important as doing your favorite hobbies. It is easy when you actually enjoy working out.

kale winter salad

4 Ingredient Kale Winter Salad (Easy & Healthy!)

Here is another yummy winter salad that is colorful and super filling. It is also meatless! Perfect for Meatless Mondays! It is a 4 Ingredient Kale Winter Salad with Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Roasted Chickpeas and Wild Rice. A fresh COLD salad ONLY screams spring or summer to me. During the winter I crave warm and cozy foods. The same goes for salads in the winter. To make this salad hearty, I sautéed the kale. I then roasted the chick peas and sweet potatoes. The fourth ingredient is wild rice, which I had as a leftover. All I had to do was heat it up. I served it with a vinaigrette dressing made up of olive oil, lemon and salt. And guess what? It only took me 20 minutes to make this DELICIOUS WINTER SALAD.

healthy coconut peanut butter balls

Healthy Coconut Peanut Butter Balls (6 Ingredients)

My posts this week will be all about healthiness. Since the holidays are over, it is hard to stop those sweet cravings. I love making protein balls since they are filling and healthy. You never have to OVER indulge with these. My favorite are the Protein Granola Balls Dipped in Chocolate. To make it healthier, […]

Carter Tie Dye onesie

Bonding With Your Child at Every Stage

I have always heard, “parenting is one of the hardest jobs on earth.” Of course, I never really understood, until I became a mom. Every child is different and every child goes through different moments in life. Even if they are siblings, they are different! Parenting is a learning process. We learn as we go. Some days are harder than others. Bonding with your child at every stage is quite the challenge. As I am typing this, my oldest is asking if he can go to the park. He, of course, has a book report to redo since he rushed through it and misspelled most of the words. I told him he can go if he re-writes the paper neat and no misspelled words. Not every moment is joyful, as he is pretty upset right now. Well, you ask, how do you bond with your child at every stage?

nail review

Ardell Nails REVIEW (Nail Addict Premium)

I received the Ardell Addict Premium Nails for Christmas. For some time now I have been wanting to try these. I am not a make up girl but definitely like to get my nails done. Now with 3 kiddos, I honestly never get them done as often as I would like. Getting my nails done means me purchasing fake nails or nail strips, instead of going to the salon. Once a year, I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure at a nail salon. I know! Overtime though, I have falling in love with the ease of going to the store to buy nail strips or press on nails. In celebration of my birthday, which was on New Year’s Eve, I decided to try the nails and give you an Ardell Nail Review.

fried rice

Healthy Vegetable Fried Rice (Meatless Monday)

Most people like fried rice. You never make it, but rather have it when you order take out at a Chinese restaurant. Today is a perfect day to make a healthy vegetable fried rice for meatless Monday! It’s all about the vegetables in this dish. Farro with Roasted Vegetables (Meatless Monday) is another great dish to make for a meatless meal. Farro is very filling and healthy!


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