5 summer activities to do with your kids

5 Summer Activities To Do With Your Kids

Summer is officially here in just a couple of weeks! It is already hot with temperatures in the 90s here in Massachusetts. We get the really humid summers with no breeze. However, there is plenty to do here. We have the beaches, mountains and the famous Cape Cod everyone goes to during the summer! Here are 5 Summer Activities to do with Your Kids!

teacher gift ideas blog

End of Year Class Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s the end of the school year and you are thinking of what to get for your child’s teacher. I remember the preschool years there was no room parent and I would buy for all teachers that worked with my children. Now that they are in elementary school it is custom for the assigned room parent to ask for $5-10 dollars (you can ask for $10-20) donation to get a class gift. Some parents send in a little more. This year I am the room parent for my older son’s class and I did just that. Not everyone can donate and so the gift is from all the students, regardless of who donated. My son’s class has an assistant teacher and a paraprofessional that help out in class. Therefore, I collected for all 3 teachers. Here are some end of the year class teacher gift ideas.

grilled branzino fish served with shishito peppers and onions

Grilled Branzino With Herbs And Citrus

I was looking for sea bass to grill but instead found branzino. I purchased two, had it descaled and then did some research when I got home. I’ve never had branzino, I don’t think! After some research I found that Branzino is a European Bass fish. Well, I definitely got sea bass of some sort. […]

avocado dressing blog

Avocado Dressing With Cilantro And Lime

Avocados are so creamy and full of healthy fats. I haven’t made avocado dressing with cilantro and lime in a while. I serve it many different ways. However, this morning I really wanted avocado dressing for breakfast. It only takes 5 minutes to make and my avocados were already ripe. Why not! Avocados are especially great to have when you want a filling meal. Many times I have eggs and avocado for breakfast with fruit. I don’t care to have toast with eggs most of the time.

disney for toddlers

Best Disney Parks and Attractions for Toddlers

Which are the best Disney parks and attractions for toddlers? Disney parks are huge and and it is hard to complete a whole park in one day.

recoverfun mini vs theragun mini

Father’s Day Gift For The Athlete (RecoverFun Mini)

Father’s Days is just around the corner. Gift giving is not always easy as my husband is SUPER PICKY. He likes something today and tomorrow he will return because he doesn’t like the shirt, etc. I ordered my husband his father’s day gift on Amazon and it arrived early. He was waiting on something from Amazon and thought the box that arrived was his item. However, it was his Father’s day gift he opened! Therefore, I can give you a review of his gift. Here is a great father’s day gift for the athlete, the recoverfun mini!


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