4 easy christmas meals to serve

4 Easy Christmas Meals to Serve

This Christmas will be busier than last year. Many families will get together, since last year was a wash. Last year was definitely stress free since most of us stayed home. Now if you are hosting or having a small gathering it can become overwhelming, with so many dishes to make and so little time! Here are 4 easy Christmas Meals to serve this year. You may even decide to make them every year!

sweet potatoes eggs avocado breakfast

Top 3 Pregnancy Foods You Should Eat

When your pregnant you tend to think you can eat whatever you want. Yes, cravings are one thing. But to get your nutrients you need to try and eat healthy, as well. Here are the top 3 pregnancy foods you should eat.

bruschetta on a rice cake

Bruschetta On A Rice Cake (A Healthy Holiday Snack)

The holidays are filled with sweets. There is always an excuse to eat something unhealthy because it’s the holiday season. As I write this I feel so full of eating unhealthy today. Now I have a slight headache! Tomorrow I will go back to healthy eating. With that being said, I want to share a healthy holiday snack I have been making, Bruschetta on a rice cake. It’s really not ONLY a holiday snack but I am calling it that because it has all the Christmas colors. So why not call it a holiday snack? I love bruschetta. It’s very fresh, light and serving it on a rice cake is even lighter than on bread. At less than 50 calories per rice cake, it can be topped with anything from peanut butter and bananas to guacamole without worrying about the extra calories.

easy holiday dinner rolls

Easy Holiday Dinner Rolls

There is always so much to make and prep for the holidays. Buying pre-baked dinner rolls makes life easier. Here is how I made them taste homemade.

thanksgiving turkey served

Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe (Herb and Citrus)

Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey can be challenging. Especially if this is your first time! I remember my first turkey years ago. It was a huge turkey, that took forever to thaw. And of course, half of the turkey was still frozen after it was done cooking! Luckily, the turkey was large enough that we had a half cooked turkey! We probably each have had some sort of turkey fail story LOL. There are so many questions on making a turkey that there is even a hotline! Although, I’ve never used it. Anyway, my favorite turkey recipe is herb and citrus. Here are the steps I take to make a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey!

last minute thanksgiving dessert ideas

Last Minute Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas

Wow, Thanksgiving is in just a few days! Have you purchased everything you need or are you that last minute shopping gal? Well, here are some last minute Thanksgiving Dessert Ideas!


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