Tote Bag Used as Diaper Bag with ToteSavvy Insert

Blog #40:

I am currently pregnant with my third boy!  This time around I wanted a tote bag instead of a diaper bag.  I’d like to use my tote when I am out without my baby and when I am with my baby.  Let’s face it, unless its date night or work baby will be with me!  I searched high and low for a diaper bag that I can picture myself using for the next couple of years.  Yes, I found some I liked but I did not love.  It seems like the new style is diaper backpacks.  Still I could not find one I loved.

I had been eyeing the new Kate Spade Molly tote for a while now.  Once I found out I was pregnant I decided the tote bag was going to be my diaper bag!  I just received it in the mail today and absolutely love it!  I purchased the all black with the beige, suede interior.  It also comes with a removable pouch.  As you can see in the pictures,  one side has the Spade and the other side says Kate Spade.

I also purchased the Mini ToteSavvy from Amazon.  The totesavvy is an insert that has an insulated pocket for bottles, pockets for diapers, wipes, toys, etc.  It also comes with a changing mat!  In addition to all the pockets it has a clip to attach your keys or wallet!  I am still debating if I want a wallet for this bag is it comes with a removable pouch.  In the pouch I added my card case to make it more neat, so I think that should be fine!


There are a few different sizes but I decided to go with the mini since I still wanted extra space to add my belongings!  They also come in many different colors to match the inside of your bag!

This is an example of what my bag may look like, minus the bottle since I plan on breast feeding.   I added a baby blanket/teether, diapers, wipes, butt cream, nursing pads, a bottle and hand sanitizer.

inside bag

I am that person that buys something and has to use it right away.  Since I will be using the tote as an everyday bag I obviously have not completely packed it.  However, I will be adding burp clothes, a few wash clothes, a small blanket, an extra outfit or 2 for the baby and an extra shirt for me. I will also carry my personal belongs such as pads, lip balm, eye drops, tissues, etc.

I will have this packed before baby arrives so I don’t need to rush around once doctor appointments come up, etc.  Remember you will be tired!

I plan on making a hospital bag blog as well!  Stay tuned and I hope you enjoyed this blog!


❤ Azilde

3 Ingredient Cucumber Salad

Blog #39:

Summer is a time for relaxing and making quick meals.  No one wants to stand over a hot stove with the heat of the summer!

This is one of my favorite 3 ingredient salads I love to make in the summer.  I will say I also like making it in the winter for a quick side dish.  My favorite way of having this dish is with a rotisserie chicken!  This salad makes a great a dish for a BBQ as well! This meal could not be any easier!



  • 2 cucumbers or one large english cucumber
  • 5oz of crumbled Feta Cheese
  • 2.5oz of sliced black olives

Pantry Ingredients:

  • dried oregano
  • 1 lime
  • pepper
  • olive oil


Wash, dry and dice the cucumber.  Add the feta cheese and black olives.  Lastly, squeeze the lime, drizzle some olive oil and generously add dried oregano and pepper. Mix and serve!

This serves about 4 for a side dish.  You can double the ingredients to serve more or to make it a main dish.

This honestly takes 5 minutes to prepare!  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!


❤ Azilde


End of Year Class Gift Ideas

Blog #38:

Its’s the end of the school year and you are thinking of what to get for your child’s teacher.  I remember the preschool years there was no room parent and I would buy for all teachers that worked with my children.  Now that they are in elementary school it is custom for the assigned room parent to ask for $5-10 dollars (you can ask for $10-20) donation to get a class gift.  Some parents send in a little more.  This year I am the room parent for my older son’s class and I did just that.  Not everyone can donate and so the gift is from all the students, regardless of who donated.  My son’s class has an assistant teacher and a paraprofessional that help out in class.  Therefore, I collected for all 3 teachers.


The assistant teacher and the paraprofessional are each getting a beach towel with a Food Network Magazine, along with sunscreen, a thank you card and a $25 gift card!  I specifically picked a cooking magazine opposed to an entertainment magazine since you can keep the recipes in it!  I sure keep my favorite cooking magazines!  I created a little pocket using the towel so the magazine would not fall threw and keep the gift tidy.


This a perfect treat for the summer that the teachers will surely use!

The main teacher is pregnant with her first baby!  Therefore I went for a baby theme.  I purchased a diaper pail and thermometer, along with a thank you card and also a $25 gift card!


I wrapped it in a cute ice cream cone wrapping paper.  Pregnant moms love gifts for their babies.  Especially when there is so much to buy!


If you are stuck on ideas, feel free to ask for ideas from the other parents.  Many are glad to help!

The day before I present the gifts to the teachers I send an email to all the parents and thank them for their donations and mention the gift is from the whole class, even if some were unable to donate.  I also attach pictures of the gifts!  Parents appreciate seeing the pictures.

For the bus drivers and after school teachers you can gift something small, like a gift card to a local coffee shop or a cup filled with goodies.  Check out some gift ideas I have done in the past, below:

Wine Gift Basket

New Mom and Baby Gift Basket

I hope this helps you decide on gift ideas!


❤ Azilde

Father’s Day Ideas for Husband

Blog #37:

Father’s Day is around the corner! Finally June and summer weather! There are so many things to so in June to incorporate into father’s day. The last couple of years we have lucked out and gone to the beach.  We are hoping the weather is nice to go again this year. My husband and our 2 sons love the beach. So do I, of course!

Some other things we have done in the past is to make a nice lunch that pairs well with my husband’s favorite wine. Or do dinner. We usually just do something as a family.  This year we plan on going to the beach and instead of making my famous Italian subs I make for our beach lunch, I plan on making lobster rolls! I’ve been craving them!

Some to do ideas:

  • Beach
  • Make a nice lunch or dinner
  • Hike to your local state park and pack a lunch
  • Take a nice walk around the neighborhood
  • Bike riding
  • BBQ

These are our favorite things to do but of course, you can do the movies, restaurant and celebrate with others! We do family time without spending much and not even on purpose! We just enjoy these activities!

For gifts my boys usually make something at school. I usually get something my husband needs. This year I got him a pedicure foot bath. He is very into fitness and his basketball leagues so he is always sore.

Other gifts I have done:

  • Gift certificate for pedicure
  • Gift card to Nike (picky husband lol)
  • Gift card to car wash
  • cleaning supplies for car
  • Reservations to our favorite restaurant (date night)
  • Favorite cologne

My husband is pretty picky about clothes so I do gift certificates to stores or gift things other than clothes! Over all, Father’s Day is so much fun for us all!

I hope this helps you decide what to do for your husband on his special day!


❤ Azilde

Free Baby Bag from Target

Blog #36:

Hi all!  It has been a while since I posted about my pregnancy.  It is a BOY!  Another boy, my third boy!  If you remember I took the sneak peak test and I was not sure how accurate that blood test would be at 10 weeks but it was!  Nausea is gone and I am eating a lot! At 23 weeks I am honestly half way there.  All my tests came out negative thankfully.

To keep myself more energized I am taking a workout class modified for pregnant moms!  I have been enjoying myself for sure!

I just wanted to give you a heads up on that, if you care of course! HAHA I am actually here to talk about freebies you can get while pregnant!  I absolutely love freebies!  Well who doesn’t!

Target is one of my go to stores and they are located everywhere.  I created a private baby registry on  They also have the app which I have been using to add more stuff.  I love that I can put it as private and then make it public when I am ready.  You also have the option of just keeping the registry private and share the link with those you wish.  All you have to do is create a registry and add some items to your registry.  Then go to your local Target service desk and tell them you did your baby registry and are looking for the baby welcome bag.  They didn’t even ask to see an email confirmation or they could clearly see I am pregnant lol!  It was super easy!  I did have to go to two different Target’s as the first one did not have any in stock.


This is what came in the reusable bag:

  • 1 – Size 1 Pampers diaper and a $5.00 off coupon
  • 2 – Size 1 Honest diapers (two different prints)
  • 2- Size 1 Up and Up diapers (Target brand)
  • 1 – Honest Travel pack wipes
  • 1 – Travel Size Water wipes
  • A set of Lansinoh breast pads
  • 2 – Lansinoh breastmilk storage bags
  • 1 – Nuk pacifier
  • 1 – Dr. Brown’s 4 oz bottle
  • 1 – Philips Avent 4 oz bottle
  • 1 – Travel size Johnson & Johnson bedtime bath wash
  • 1 –  Travel size Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion
  • 1 – Mini Eucerin Eczema Relief cream
  • 1 – Sample of Aquaphor ointment
  • 1 – Sample Palmer’s cocoa Butter Formula Stretch Marks lotion
  • Book of over $80 worth of coupons
  • 1 – Sample of babyganics moisturizing daily lotion
  • Breast Pump ordering information

So much stuff! Other places who offer freebies that I signed up for are Huggies rewards, Pampers rewards and

Everyday family signs up you up for all the freebies under one website!  I also signed up for Enfamil even though I plan to breastfeed.

Lastly, other registries where you can get freebies is Amazon Prime, babylist, Walmart and .

I have only tried Target so far for registries.  I love it!

Talk to you soon and Enjoy!

❤ Azilde

Open Faced BBQ Sandwich

Blog #35:

I just made this open faced sandwich last night and am craving it again!  I wanted to make a quick dinner and wanted to use some left over corn on the cob as well.  I ended up mixing a few things I just had a little left of.

My plan was to make a Homemade BBQ Pizza but my local target did not have any and so I purchased 2 mini loafs of baguettes.  It made about 2 1/2 servings 6 slices.


Here is what you need:

  • 1 baguette sliced, halved
  • 1 lb of cooked chicken, cut into small pieces
  • 1 cup of BBQ sauce
  • 1 tbs of diced shallots
  • 1/4-1/2 cup of shredded cheese (cheddar or Mexican blend)
  • 1/4 cup of sliced Scallions
  • 3 ears of corn, sliced off the cob
  • 1/2 a jalapeño diced
  • 2 tbs of coconut oil or any oil




Turn the oven on 375 degrees and let the loaf warm up and get crusty for about 8 min.  In the meantime, heat up your coconut oil and add the corn, jalapeños and shallots to a pan for about 3 minutes; until shallots are transparent and the corn and jalapeños are heated through.  Turn the heat off and put the pan aside.  Mix 1/2 of cup or a little more of the BBQ sauce with the chicken.  Once the loaf is done add the BBQ chicken mixture to both slices of baguette.  Then layer the corn, jalepenos and shallot mixture over the chicken.  Generously add your shredded cheese evenly over the baguettes.  With your oven on HI Broil heat the open faced sandwich until the cheese melts; about 2 minutes.  Lastly, remove the sandwich from the oven and drizzle the remaining BBQ sauce over the sandwich and add the sliced scallions.

I cut mine up into 3 slices each.  You could have this as a meal or make a ton and cut into thinner slices to serve as appetizers!

I hope you enjoyed this yummy recipe!


❤ Azilde





What to do for Mother’s Day and Gift Ideas

Blog #34:

Mother’s Day is around the corner but again you have no idea what to do for your mother, sisters, aunts, cousins and friends. At the same time you want to have your own mother’s day with your husband to celebrate in your own way. What to do?

I personally pick the weekend before Mother’s day or the weekend after to celebrate with my mom. Some years I may invite my sisters to celebrate with us. Some years its just me and my mom (some years they want to do something one on one with our mom). Same thing with friends and relatives. Pick a day to celebrate. It doesn’t have to be on Mother’s Day! The day of Mother’s Day I like to spend home relaxing or whatever my husband has in mind.

Some great ideas on what to do that I have done in the past and new ideas I plan to do are:

  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Brunch at a restaurant or at home
  • Massage
  • A fun restaurant like Hibachi
  • Shopping!
  • Picnic
  • Walk your local state park
  • Movies
  • Spend the day looking at baby pictures with appetizers and a movie at home

These are just some ideas and not all require spending a ton of money. After all its about appreciating what you have with your mom. Not about the amount spent. With that being said depending on the outing, also depends on the gift! If you are spending a little more on the outing you can spend less on the gift. Vice versa. It becomes harder as well to shop for adults.  For example, I feel my mom has everything! And as adults we can buy what we want. Therefore I like to go for thoughtful gifts or things they may need.

mothers day pic

Some gift ideas for the mom:

  • Bouquet of flowers
  • Easy care green plant, like a peace lily
  • Wallet, if you know for sure the style
  • Manicure/pedicure gift certificate
  • Favorite perfume
  • Massage certificate
  • Restaurant certificate
  • Book
  • Arts and craft supplies
  • Yarn for the knitter
  • Food delivery service like HelloFresh or Blue Apron
  • Grocery store gift certificate
  • Favorite store gift certificate
  • Cook together

These are just some fun ideas to spend the day together and celebrate!  Depending how nice it is, there is always something to do!

I hope every mom out there has a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!

❤ Azilde