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  Salmon is one of my favorite fish to eat. It has so much flavor and you can make so many meals with it! And

What to make and do with leftovers? That’s always a question we all have. Most dismiss the idea of what to do and either save what’s left for the next day or toss it. There are so many things to make with leftovers. One thing I hate is to waste food. Whether I plan to use the food for later that day, the next day or a few days later there is always something you can incorporate with your leftovers. If you don’t plan to use it anytime soon then freeze it!

For dinner I made a buttery garlic shrimp pasta. I have to admit I have been wanting pasta lately and my little one really enjoys it. It’s also an excuse to make it more often. First of all it’s easy, quick and very filling. Pasta is definitely a dish for those busy school nights. On top of that, the shrimp cooks in just about the same time your pasta cooks! I made this dish with the thought I could make it for Christmas Eve or Christmas. Pasta and seafood are dishes I lean towards for the holidays. Maybe because they are comforting dishes. Garlic Shrimp Pasta is easy but can be made as fancy as you want it!

Aside from salmon being my favorite fish to eat, I’d say tilapia is my second favorite. Why? Well, just like salmon, you can serve it with just about anything. There is salad, tacos, serve with a side of rice and vegetables, and the list goes on. I probably make this at least once a week. And honestly, I rarely make the same exact meal with tilapia. I am always coming up with new ideas on how to serve it. Two great things about tilapia is that it cooks in just about 7 minutes tops and it’s an affordable fish! Many believe that fish is too expensive to buy every week, but it is actually cheaper than chicken or beef. It is also easier to digest! Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed! This week I made chili honey tilapia salad & dressing.

Pomegranates are a winter fruit. Why not indulge and eat tons when they are sweet? The health benefits are amazing! Talk about all the vitamin C and antioxidants they have. Of course there are tons of other health benefits. I have been thinking of what to make for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. After all, it needs to be special since we aren’t seeing family this year. Regardless, we are foodies, so there is always a special meal of some sort for the holidays! What about a Pomegranate Winter Salad? Perfect for the holidays right? You get all the winter colors that are so vibrant and beautiful! Setting the table gives it an extra pop of color, serving this dish!?