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June, hot days and hotter days to come! A perfect time to make an easy strawberry salad for those hot days! Strawberries are of abundance in June, since it is strawberry picking month. Because they are in abundance, also means there are super great deals at the super markets.

Potato skins are pretty popular as appetizers at restaurants. Yet, I have never had one at a restaurant. For some reason they don’t look as good as making them homemade. My husband and I challenged ourselves to just eating seafood for 2 weeks. Meaning no meat of any kind. I make my potato skins with bacon, therefore, I decided to make appetizer cajun shrimp potato skins since bacon was not an option this time.

Burrito bowls are delicious and you can add whatever you’d like to create your own! Best of all, you can skip the extra calories by skipping the tortilla or taco shell. Tacos are easy to make but burritos are just as easy! It’s mid week and I am already planning my next meals for the week and thought I’d share with you what I plan on making. Here are 5 burrito bowls to make this week!

Now that Spring is here, let’s start making refreshing salads! I am sharing with you 5 spring salads to make this week! This is when I start adding fruits to my salads and more raw vegetables. Many fruits I use for salads are now returning for in season. Meaning, juicy fruits for a few months! I hate buying, fruits when not in season. Lately, I have been wanting strawberries and even though they aren’t in season yet, I decided to buy some. I actually used strawberries in my eggplant salad yesterday. Some of the strawberries were sweet and some were just watery. Which is why, it’s good to purchase fruits when they are in season. Anyway, here are 5 spring salads to make this week!