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My husband and I challenged ourselves to just eat seafood and no meat. We enjoy challenging ourselves each month with different goals. Check out my Challenge Yourself Once A Month post for ideas. This month we challenged ourselves to no meat for a month! Well, we did agree to eat steak for Father’s Day. Therefore, we completed a full 2 weeks without meat! Here are 4 fishes to try and meal ideas! (No Meat Challenge!)

Memorial Day is around the corner and the weather has been great. This time around, it is going to be a big celebration here in Massachusetts, as our governor is removing all COVID restrictions, starting on May 29th. Just in time for Memorial Day. Because the weather is so nice, I have started using my grill. I made a Citrus Grilled Snapper, that I have to share with you. And I thought, this would be a great meal to make on the grill. Healthy and so satisfying!

Salt and pepper shrimp is pretty tasty. Especially when it’s fried. Truth is I don’t fry food because of all the extra oil it takes to cook food and the smell of the oil. I prefer to bake or broil food instead of frying. For this recipe, I decided not to bread the shrimp. What would salt and pepper shrimp taste without the fried breading. After all it’s one of those appetizers that you can’t really say no to. Well I decided to take a chance and make salt and pepper shrimp (served 2 ways) in healthier way. Minus all the sodium in the salt! You really can’t make salt and pepper shrimp without the salt!

Winter holidays come with heavy meals. That is why fish is a good option. A fish you don’t have quite often. The new year is here. Why not start off with a healthy meal to celebrate! I had wanted snapper for quite some time. When I called my local Whole Foods they told me they had 10 lbs of snapper in stock and that I should reserve the amount I wanted for pick up. I purchased 3 lbs and had it cleaned and filleted. My plan was to make snapper with pineapple salsa. This dish took me a total of 24 minutes, including the pineapple salsa. While the snapper was cooking, I made the salsa.

Butter, garlic and lime! What an amazing combination. Cod is a fish that is pretty bland on its own. Which is great when you want to experiment with flavors. I don’t usually buy cod often but wanted something different. For lunch this weekend, I made a sautéed buttery, garlic cod with lime. If I had thought of the recipe in advance I would have let the fish marinate for a few hours before cooking. However, it still turned out delicious.