5 Spring Activities To Do With Your Kids

It is officially spring on March 20th this year. A year ago, the country and the world was shut down due to the famous Coronavirus. A year later and we are still dealing with this deadly virus. As long as we stay safe during this pandemic, we can still enjoy ourselves. Here are 5 spring activities to do with your kids!

Spring Activities

Indoor Obstacle Courses

This one is fun. I remember doing a ropes course as a young teen and it was so scary climbing the tree but such a thrill, once I was zipping down! There is a local indoor obstacle course my son loves. They have courses for young children, as well. Parents can join the fun. It’s a fun activity to do as a family and friends! It’s also a good activity to do any time of the year. But less layers to take off when you do it in the spring or summer!

Walk the Beach

This one is a free activity. Walk the beach! I love walking the beach in the spring. Not to hot and not to cold. Spring is my favorite season because the flowers start to bloom and overall the perfect weather! Wear slippers to easily remove your shoes. Have your kids and little ones walk barefoot. Let them touch the sand with their toes and hands. Run around and lay down on the sand. Nature is relaxing and beautiful. Watch the waves and dip your toes in the freezing water! One time my son found a crab with a missing leg. A lot of unexpected things to find at the beach!

Fly Kites in April

April is National Kite Month. This is usually when I see people flying kites at the beach. Probably the only time of the year. April is perfect to fly kites, as it’s a pretty windy month but still warm out. Make it a fun craft with your child and make kites yourselves. Reuse a bag for easier flying instead of using paper or stop at the dollar store for $1 kites! I don’t fly kites with my kids every year but I enjoy it so much, the years I do fly kites with them! Perfect Easter basket stuffer, as well!

Walk Trails

There are so many free national parks! Most of the time you just have to pay for parking. Apart from that they are free. My family and I used to go every fall, spring and summer. The early fall or spring mornings are my favorite time to go. Less people and quiet. Another way to explore nature. Climb the rocks, look at the water streams and pack a lunch! We love packing our own lunch and having a nice picnic. Spending a few hours listening to the birds is so relaxing!

Bike Rides

Ride your bike! I feel like I’ve mentioned this in another post. Bike riding is so much fun and kids love it. Especially little ones. I plan on buying a bicycle seat for my bike, since my toddler is still too little to ride a bike. When my older two were younger, my husband and I would attach their bikes to ours, using the trail gator attachments. As long as the kids pedal and DON’T press the brakes, it should be a smooth ride! Stop at the park when you are cruising around the neighborhood and let them loose on the playground.

Spring Activities

There are so many spring activities you can do with your kids. The ones are listed are just a few that are my favorites. Most of them are also free and outdoors! Whatever you do, enjoy nature!

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What are your favorite spring activities?

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      1. Lol it is! My oldest and my husband. He actually just mentioned he wants to do the ropes course for birthday this year. What he doesn’t know is we are going to Disney for his birthday 🎉 We are going to keep it a surprise!

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