Valentine’s DIY Picture Frame (Any Occassion)

I like making crafts with hearts, which is perfect for a Valentine’s DIY picture frame! This is also a great gift idea for kids to make for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or an anniversary. Everyone likes picture frames. I personally just make them for fun. You can switch them out, seasonally and have a designated area to put certain decor for the holidays, instead of decorating your whole house. This is perfect for small holidays, such as Valentine’s Day.

DIY Picture Frame

You can get a bunch of wooden frames at your local craft store for $1 each. They come in all different sizes and shapes. Acrylic paints are also inexpensive. They range between $2-3 each. And you can also purchase a pack of paintbrushes for under $3, as well. The only supplies that cost a bit more are the stencils; depending on the brand. Stencils can be reused and they usually come in packs. Of course, stencils are optional. You can free draw your designs on the frames and then paint. Kids love these kinds of crafts. I tend to make these alone since my boys are not into this girly stuff I like 😆.

Supplies Needed
  • Unfinished wooden frames
  • acrylic paint
  • paint brushes
  • stencils (optional)
  • glittler (optional)
  • mod podge

Design Ideas

For these frames, pictured above, I used stencils for the designs. The off-white frame is actually a vanilla color paint. I did a light paint, to give it a rustic pop. Then I used a set of small stencil hearts. I painted them in purple and then added some glitter.

The purple frame, was super fun to make. I painted two coats of purple paint. Once the paint was dry, I used some stencils to create these fun shapes. I used a dark purple for the design.

Lastly, I painted the frames in mod podge, to seal the paint. I absolutely love how these came out! I hope you enjoy this craft!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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