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Working out Together As A Family

Have you ever thought of working out together, as a family? Yes, that includes your children. As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, Finding Time To Workout (Fitness & Health), my husband, kids and I workout in the morning. Why not? Motivation is the key to helping each other. There are no excuses if everyone is working out at the same time!

Monkey See, 👀 Monkey Do 🐵

Children see and copy what we, parents do. If we swear, then they will swear. If we read often, they will learn to enjoy reading. Your food diet is also your child’s diet. By working out together and talking about how to stay healthy, children while learn to make it a part of their routine. If they see you as the parent, doing the same and not just saying it’s important.

Working Out Together

Working out as a family has tons of benefits. Now my family and I work out in different rooms and do different workouts but we do them at the same time. Have a schedule. We are early risers so it makes sense for us to workout first thing in the morning.

Bonding Family Time

Although my family and are doing different workouts, it is still bonding time. We are doing an activity together that helps us mentally and physically. It is a subject we speak of, often. Where we can improve and making sure we keep at it.


Working out together is HUGE motivation. I honestly feel guilty if I skip it for whatever may come up. When I do, I definitely try to make up for it, later in the day. I keep track in my bullet journal spread. But what keeps me going is my family. Working out together!

The family that works together, eats together, and prays together, stays together.

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Healthy Eating

In addition to working out together, eat a healthy diet. Have fresh fruits and vegetables everyday. Eat lots of seafood and cook together! This experience teaches children to eat different foods and not be afraid to try new meals. Especially if you serve these foods daily. I know when my kids say they don’t want broccoli, for example, I still put one piece on their plate. Most of the time they end up eating it after they said no!

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