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Mommy and Baby Swim Classes (What To Know)

Should you take a parent and baby swim class? There are so many questions on mommy and baby swim classes. How old do you have to be? How long are the classes and how to pack. I figured I’d make a post to answer all your questions about mommy and baby swim classes! What to know edition 😆. Ill start by saying, swim classes are definitely worth it!

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There Are So Many Benefits

Baby Becomes Comfortable with Water

The younger they start, the better. From a young age, baby will get comfortable with the water. They will learn over time, how to hold their breath under water, how to kick their legs, float and how to float on their backs! As they get older, they will know and understand water safety. Your child will know what to do if there was ever an accident, falling in a pool, they would be able to swim and float!

Bonding Time

The great thing is you, the parent or guardian, attend the class with your baby. You get that one on one. I know I appreciate this bonding time with my son. Sometimes it’s hard to juggle all three boys. It’s nice spending this special time with my little one. All you have to do is focus on you and baby!

It’s Not Just About Swimming

Swim class has many benefits. Besides baby learning safety skills, learning to swim, becoming independent and comfortable with the water, bonding time with mom or dad; but he is learning MANY skills! Baby will learn motor and social skills.

  • In class we sing lot’s of songs, such as the ABC’s, twinkle twinkle little star, fishes in the ocean and wheels on the bus!
  • My son is super shy and scared of strangers. More now with the pandemic, we don’t go out much. He has finally gotten comfortable with the instructor.
  • Fun fact, baby swimmers have better balance and better grasping skills than non swimmers.
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What To Know -FAQ

  1. The pool is heated, so no worries about those cold winter days and jumping into a cold pool!
  2. The classes consist of a small group of little ones.
  3. Repetition, repetition. The great thing about these swim classes, is many of the activities are repeated throughout the sessions. This gives your baby time to learn the activities.
  4. My little one started swim classes at 10 months but you can start as early as 6 months!
  5. Classes are 30 minutes long.
  6. A diaper is required under a swim diaper for all kids under 4 (may be different in other areas).
  7. During safety week, bring baby dressed in regular clothes.
  8. Classes are separated by 6-12 months and 12-24 months for little ones.

What Happens In Class

We start off with a welcome song splashing the babies hands and feet while reciting each child’s name. We practice back floats, submerging and even kicks. My little one started kicking last week. It’s amazing seeing progress! After all the activities are done we end the class by singing the wheels on the bus and waving bye!

What to Pack & Wear to Swim Class

Always be prepared. Use a large beach bag. You have to pack for yourself and baby. There’s also more to pack during the winter months. In the winter months, dress baby in swim shirt, diaper and swimming diaper (required ages 4 and under) or you an use a reusable nappy swim diaper. I then dress my son in his regular pants and pack the swim shorts in the bag. Don’t forget a hat to keep him warm after class.

For myself, I wear my swimsuit (one piece ladies, this is a Children’s class 😆) and then wear my clothes over it.

Here is What I Pack in My Bag:
  • Swim towel for me + hooded towel for baby
  • Bra and underwear
  • Extra diapers and swim diapers
  • Long sleeve shirt for baby
  • Wet bag

Some Tips

Here are some tips for a smooth class. Arrive 10 minutes early to get ready. Class is only 30 minutes. Don’t waste time! Remove pants and put on baby swim shorts. For me I am already dressed. I just have to remove my layers. I wear slides with socks in the winter to keep warm. Put everything in your bag and put them in a locker or cube (free of charge). After swim class, put your mask back on. Put hooded towel on baby, and wrap yourself with towel. Don’t bother with the showers. I never have with my kids. Dry off, get dressed and shower when you get home. Easier! Especially now with COVID.

Bring a wet bag or a plastic bag for the swim suits. When I forget to pack it, I just wrap the swimsuits in the towels. That way my bag doesn’t get extremely wet.

When we get home, we shower and then nurse Carter to sleep for his nap. Pick a time that does not interfere with nap time or meal time.

Long hair? Wear it in a bun. You don’t want wet hair after the pool, especially on a cold day.

If baby gets hungry during changing time have a snack on hand. My son still nurses and so he sometimes nurses for a few minutes as I change. Yes, I have learned to juggle that!

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Happy Swimming!

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