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6 Winter Activities To Do With Your Kids

Are you looking for winter activities to do with your kids? Kids are kids and they love to be outdoors, most of the time. I remember as a kid and even as a teenager, I was always on the go. After a long day of shopping at the mall, for example, my mom would take a nap. Where as my sisters and I would be ready for the next outing. Wow so much energy! Here are 6 winter activities to do with your kids this winter!

Go Tubing

This is fun for everyone. Take your kids tubing! One year my family and I went on Christmas Eve. It was perfect, as there was hardly anyone there. Even more fun was going in the evening. Night time and snow is so pretty to look at. The best part is, no one needs experience tubing!

Go Ice Skating

I am no expert at ice skating, but it is fun! You can always sit out and watch but learning together is even more fun. One year a bunch of teenagers were on the rink and they were amazing! It was cool watching all their moves. They even gave my son a few tips!

Paint Night

Have a paint night! My middle son loves drawing and painting. I love crafting, so its another perfect activity to do together. It is very relaxing and helps me when I am stressed. We all sit at the table and paint quietly or talk casually. A very relaxing activity! Even my little one likes it!

Game Night

This has been a tradition for a few years now. My oldest son and I loved playing games. Two new games he got for Christmas are Googly eyes and Chess. Chess is our current obsession! It is a great bond to spend time together, instead of using our phones!

Car Drive

One of our favorite things to do is drive around our favorite neighborhoods, at night. It is such a beautiful scenery to see in the evening. Especially around the holidays. Even after the holidays, many homes still have their Christmas lights on. The cul de sacs are our favorite. The kids like to point out their favorites too. Its fun dreaming of things we would like. As we always want more than we have sometimes!

Movie Night

There is nothing like movie night. My husband loves movies. I swear we can never just watch a whole movie without rewinding, pausing and discussing a funny scene! LOL Sometimes we push in our long couch and make a nice cozy bed and we all sleep in the living room together. So much fun!

Winter Activities

Overall, there are many activities to do as a family over the winter. Go outside and play in the snow or stay indoors and bake together. Bonding time is so special, as they are kids once. These are memories they will remember when they become adults. Whatever, traditions you have enjoy with your kids. Make the most of it and most of all, have fun!


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    1. Hi Shelly! Tubing is one of the floats you can use at water parks, for example. Tubing is like sledding but going to a tubing park to slide down snow mountains using an inner tube! its so much fun! You can find tubing locations at the same locations where skiers go.

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