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Getting Ready for Christmas Early

I love Christmas!  All the things you have to do just to prepare for the holiday.  You need to purchase gifts, wrap, decorate your home, prepare a meal.  Wow, a lot!  To get ready and not overwhelm myself. I make a list of everyone I need to buy gifts for. There is a list for all the kids, the adults, another for teachers, bus drivers and coaches and then a separate list for my kids and husband. Honestly, I make this list in October, since we always have new babies in the family.  I don’t want to forget anyone! 

First Thing is to Decorate!

I start decorating the weekend after thanksgiving. Of course this year, decorations were up right after Halloween. At the beginning of November I think of new decorations I want to buy. With a one year old it is best to not buy decorations this year! I like to enjoy the holiday as much as possible so I definitely make sure to enjoy a full month of decorations!

Some Traditions I do With My Family
  • Drive around town to see Christmas lights, while listening to Christmas music!
  • Holiday movies
  • Make a gingerbread house
  • Elf on the Shelf
  • Take pictures for the annual holiday card!
  • Peppermint Bark

Starbucks Gingerbread House with Buddy the Elf!

The month of December, start thinking of all the traditions or new traditions you will like to start. There only a few weekends in December before the big day so definitely start scheduling things to do. My husband and I double date with cousins to our favorite steakhouse every year for the holidays. Of course, this year it’s off the table. But my husband and I will order the meal for pick up and eat at home. It’ll be a later dinner. Once the boys and baby are asleep!

Date night with my husband a few years ago

Although we haven’t gone the last couple of years, we love going to see the nutcracker! This is also a great thing to go see as a family. I wonder if it’s even open this year…

Pick a Theme for Gifts

To make things a bit easier, each year I pick a theme for gifts. For example all the babies/toddlers get a blanket and book.  The older kids will get a blanket and slippers.  I do the same with the adults.  By picking a theme, shopping will be easier! I have noticed by doing this I somehow remember my themes for the most part, so there are no repeat of gifts.

Check out these Christmas gift idea videos:

Meal Prep

If I am visiting family I like to bring an appetizer or dessert. Something easy and affordable is the olive oil dip I love so much! Put it in a mason jar and bring along with a loaf of french bread! Times have changed and therefore, you can make this as gift to drop off instead!

Decide what you would like to make for Christmas and Christmas Eve! I don’t stick to the traditional dishes for Christmas. But I do tend to make seafood and pasta dishes. It is so comforting!

Check out these easy and delicious seafood meals, perfect for a quick Christmas meal!

Buttery Garlic Shrimp Pasta (Perfect for the Holidays)

Sautéed Buttery, Garlic Cod with Lime

Christmas dinner is a bit less stressful, in terms of the actual meal, because you don’t have to stick with the turkey dinner, like we do for thanksgiving. I know many do keep that tradition but I like to make different meals for Christmas.

Start preparing early and you will have a stress free holiday!

Merry Christmas! 🎄

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  1. I’ve never celebrated Christmas in my life! But I have a dream of celebrating it with my special someone somewhere, someday!

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