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5 Toddler Gift Ideas for Boys

I always say it is easier to buy for girls than boys, since girls have soo many options. Of course, I have learned over the years, since I have 3 boys! I finished my Christmas shopping for my boys and husband but only a few days away from Christmas and I am still shopping for everyone else on my list. I am usually done pretty early but my husband had ACL surgery. It has been quite a few weeks! Anyway, here are 5 Toddler Gift Ideas for boys.


What little boy doesn’t like cars? I mean, I haven’t met one yet. Try a set of hot wheels or better yet, a little tikes riding car. Super classic and boys and girls can use this for a few years.


Puzzles are a learning activity but also tons of fun for little ones. There are tons of puzzles out there. Farms, animals, letters and numbers and you can decide on the number of pieces. The best part is toddler puzzles last a lifetime since they are usually made from wood. I still own all the puzzles my boys used as toddlers. My now toddler has inherited them!

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Toddler Puzzles


I still love playdough and I am a grown woman LOL. I think it is fair to say most of us love playdough. There are so many playdough sets, from a starter kit, that comes with shapes and cutter to treasure maker and pizza maker. I love gifting playdough sets. It is perfect when you don’t know what to gift a child. You can’t go wrong!

Disney Character Toys

By the time toddlers turn 1.5 years old, they pretty much have favorite things and one of those “things” are Disney toys. My toddler loves anything Toy Story. My oldest loved Disney Cars and my middle child loved Thomas and Friends (even though it’s not Disney). Figurines, puzzles, books, clothes; even movies. You name it and you will surely find something for every toddler on your list.

Still Stumped?

If you are still not sure what to buy for a toddler, ask the parent/guardian for some ideas. I notice little ones love farm animals. I am not sure why, but animals is such a thing for toddlers. My toddler is definitely getting a farmhouse this Christmas! LOL He is obsessed! I hope you find these 5 toddler gift ideas for boys helpful!

Happy Shopping!

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