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Best Disney Parks and Attractions for Toddlers

Which are the best Disney parks and attractions for toddlers? Disney parks are huge and and it is hard to complete a whole park in one day. Especially Magic Kingdom! And with COVID many things were still closed in April (2021). My family and I decided to do 3 parks and decided EPCOT would be saved for another trip. We went with cousins in a large group of 9, who also had younger kids. Based on my research and going to Disney in the past, it made sense to skip EPCOT on this trip. We went to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. Again, we obviously did not get to do everything but here are the rides and attractions we were able to go to with COVID in place!

Magic Kingdom

  • Dumbo The Flying Elephant – Who doesn’t love Dumbo! Elephants are so cute in general and this is such a fun ride! Fun for all ages and no height restrictions!
  • Mad Tea Party – Get dizzy or really dizzy. Your choice with the spinning wheel! Honestly, one of the best rides to enjoy with the whole family. It’s perfect to cool off since it’s always HOT in Florida.
  • It’s A Small World – I was really hoping to go on this ride but missed the opportunity on this trip. It’s not always easy to do things in large groups and with toddlers! This is probably my favorite ride ever!
  • Peter Pan’s Flight – My 2nd favorite ride at Disney. I also did not get to go on this ride on this trip. However, it is a fun and magical ride, just as all attractions and rides at Disney parks.

Magic Kingdom has everything for babies and toddlers. The live shows as your walking down the street, the cool looking shops to window shop and many rides!

Hollywood Studios

The main attractions at Hollywood Studios are Star Wars and Toy Story Land. My toddler is obsessed with Toy Story! Every morning he tells me he wants to watch “Toy.” I knew Toy Story Land would be a hit. We spent our whole day there and even ate at Woody’s Lunch Box. The life size characters and the way the”toys” and “blocks” are placed is as if you were in the movie Toy Story. My son couldn’t stop pointing and saying Woody over and over. I have to say it was his favorite park!

  • The Slinky Dog Dash roller coaster is perfect for your little one to watch. I went on with my older son and my husband stayed behind with my toddler. He was just so amazed by the life size slinky dog!
  • The Alien Swirling Saucer is so cute! It is basically like the tea cup ride in Magic Kingdom but Toy Story themed.
  • Toy Story Mania was super fun. The whole family can join in and it’s an actual game! My little guy held on tight but enjoyed every minute!

For the Star Wars and Toy Story lover Hollywood Studios is a must!

Animal Kingdom

We saved Animal Kingdom for last, on our trip, to celebrate my oldest son’s birthday. The animals are everything. Nature is so relaxing and so cool to watch each animal. I could care less of going to my local zoo compared to the Kilimanjaro Safari! We did Disney three days in a row and my toddler was definitely pooped by the third day. He slept and nursed during the safari ride. I was super excited for him to see the animals but the line was soooo long, it was nap time by the time we got on!

  • Kilimanjaro Safari (Africa)- waiting is long but there are fun attractions along the way. Look out for the animals shaped in the rocks!
  • It’s Tough To Be A Bug (Discovery Island) – This is a 3D show from the movie A Bug’s Life. I personally loved this movie as a kid and watching this gave me nostalgia. The show was a lot of fun and funny! Best of all it teaches the audience about nature and insects. It was perfect!

Animal Kingdom is based on animals and because of that there are attractions everywhere for toddlers to see and enjoy! It it like a giant zoo with animals from different habitats all in one place!

Which Disney Park Should I Go To?

Whichever Disney park you choose to go to, you will find something for everyone. The parks are so big and you won’t get to see everything during one visit. I can’t wait to go again when my little one is older and able to do more. I can then focus on more rides, since this time around it was more attractions for my toddler.

Happy Travels!

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