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Is Disney Food Worth It? (My Experience)

What is all the hype about Disney food? Is Disney food worth it? Here is my experience. I honestly don’t remember what restaurants I tried the first two times I visited Disney. My experience is from my adult palate and just returning from my trip there!

You Will Get Hungry

Definitely bring snacks to the park. Especially with little ones! Also make sure to pack waters. However, you will end up spending money on food and drinks. It is a lot of walking and once your water is no longer cold or you’ve drank it all, you will need to buy! I did see a family with a cooler but it is a lot of lugging around. This family rented a stroller at Disney and put the cooler on top, for easier transport.

We All Want To Try Disney Food

There are so many restaurants to try at each park and not enough hours or days to try all of them! It is nice to research the restaurants prior to heading to the park and make reservations for the ones you really want to try. My family and I did some quick research and decided where we wanted to go that day. However, because of COVID there were many restaurants, stores, rides and attractions that were still closed. Definitely bring snacks but be prepared to buy lunch. You will be burning calories walking around all day!

Small Portions

One thing my family and I did notice about the food, was the small portions. Every place we tried had small portions. My thought is, they serve small portions so that you are never full. If your not full, you will want to try dessert and maybe another snack. And before you leave the park, you may want an early dinner! LOL

Is Disney Food Worth It?

Again, this is just my opinion from the few restaurants my family and I tried. All the restaurants we tried were quick service, as we were a large group of 9! With toddlers and kids it was just easier to do quick service. Although I did want to try Cinderella’s Royal Table restaurant at Magic Kingdom, the menu there was JUST OKAY. Nothing fancy or different. Bring sandwiches for your little one. My son loves uncrustables and I remember seeing it on a menu for $6.19! You can buy a box of 4 for $5! These are easy to thaw out and eat by lunch time. I packed one each day we were at the park.

  • There is a range of prices for each restaurant for more choices;
  • All restaurants are kid friendly;
  • Portions are small;
  • The quick service restaurants were JUST OK;
  • The meals did not fill me up AT ALL;
  • Not many healthy options!

Are Desserts Worth It?

There are a few places I wanted to try but did not get to. Everything I tried a child would love! I tried the lemon-blueberry lunch box tart for dessert at Woody’s Lunch Box (Hollywood Studios). I found the dessert to be amazing because it had tons of flavor and the poptart was nice and soft. Not like your typical pop tart. I definitely recommend it. This was my favorite from all the desserts I tried. At Animal Kingdom we got the Simba Cupcake for my son’s birthday. The cupcake was very moist and the frosting was good. The Mickey ice cream sandwich wasn’t anything special for $6. It’s hot and an ice cream is not bad to have during all that walking. The one I was super surprised by was the chocolate milkshake at Auntie Gravity’s Galactic Goodies, at Magic Kingdom. There weren’t many options and the milkshake was just okay. They topped it off with Mickey sprinkles. Beware of the of the strawberry smoothie. It’s actually not a smoothie but more like Italian Ice. There are no fresh fruits. Instead it is made of strawberry lemonade. We asked!

Of course, in the end, it matters which restaurants you pick. I only went to the quick service restaurants and stopped at the ice cream locations throughout the park.

Restaurants We Tried

I realize now I only took pictures of the desserts and not the actual meals!

  • Cosmic Ray’s Starlight Cafe (Magic Kingdom) At Cosmic Ray’s I had the spicy chicken sandwich with fries.
  • Woody’s Lunch Box (Hollywood Studios) At Woody’s lunch box I had the grilled cheese.
  • Harambe Market (Animal Kingdom) At Harambe Market (which was my favorite from all 3 restaurants) I had the Grilled Chicken Bowl and the Frozen Flamingo. It is a non- alcoholic strawberry and passionfruit frozen drink.

Is Disney Food Worth It?

When I take another trip to Disney I hope more restaurants are open and that there are more healthy options! Overall, I expected better food, as I was not quite satisfied with the meals I chose. However, I know there are MANY restaurants to try and my experience may change. My experience is based on the few restaurants I tried from quick service. What are some of your favorite Disney restaurants?

Happy Travels!

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17 thoughts on “Is Disney Food Worth It? (My Experience)

  1. πŸ’œ It be Drugged Up; like “Disney” Script Writers

    … πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™…

  2. They charge so much for everything they sell, including the tickets! When we went there 25 years ago with our kids we figured we would go all out since we didn’t plan on going back. It was a fun vacation with the kids though.

  3. We went to Disney as a family about 12 years ago. Holy moly! I had no idea how expensive it was. Outrageous. I had no idea that you could put a cooler etc in a locker. Snacks are definite. If you can, pack a picnic of San whites and fruit and then go have the treats like you showed.

      1. It’s crazy what they get away with charging. I’ve only been once but I learned… at the time we didn’t know we could bring our own food. That made it better. Thanks for the entertaining memories Azilde. xo

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