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5 Local Cape Cod Restaurants To Try

Restaurants are a dime a dozen, everywhere you go. However, not every place is a hit and sometimes we are just unsure what restaurants to try while on vacation. Anytime we are away from home, we always want to know about the best local spots to try. Here are 5 local Cape Cod Restaurants to try!


Be prepared to spend more than you normally would when it comes to eating out. The deeper you go into the cape, the more your meal will cost. Because the Cape is a destination for vacations, mainly in the summer and early fall, most workers make most of their money during these 2 seasons. Prices are higher for this reason and tourism, of course. We did notice service was slow at many of the restaurants. Because of the unemployment rate due to COVID, many restaurants are short staffed. Be patient and enjoy the scenery!

Seafood Restaurants

If you love seafood, you are in luck because Cape Cod is famous for seafood! They have tons of seafood festivals throughout the summer. If you can’t attend the festivals, no need to worry. There are plenty of delicious seafood restaurants to try!

Mac’s Shack Seafood

Mac’s Shack is located in Wellfleet. They have indoor and outdoor seating, along with a outdoor bar. The outdoor seating and bar are covered with a tent, which is perfect for those cloudy days. They have amazing food at Mac’s. For soups try the Seafood Zarzuela Stew, Clam Chowder, Bermuda Fish Chowder. They also have a great selection of sushi, nigiri and sashimi.

Beachcomber Restaurant

Next time you go to beachcomber beach, definitely eat at the restaurant. Located right on the beach! Go for the lobster roll or the beachcomber buffalo shrimp! For an appetizer try some oysters. Super good! Then head back to the beach to enjoy the rest of the day!

PJ’s Seafood

PJ’s is also located in Wellfleet. This is a perfect place to get dinner when your tired from your beach day. Order for pick up to enjoy in your rental home. They sell a little bit of everything but my favorite was the Tuna Sashimi. It is served with seaweed salad, carrot slaw salad, pickled ginger and wasabi. It is soo good! Try it, you will not be disappointed! They also have a kids menu. This restaurant as a great selection of seafood, fried and broiled. There are so many choices, you can order out every night of the week!

Breakfast Spots

Most days, I made a small breakfast for my family and I and then headed to the beach with lots of snacks and lunch. Here are 2 restaurants to try while out in the Cape.

The Flying Fish

While in the outer Cape, we tried The Flying Fish. This is a small restaurant tucked away on a side street next to some homes. Everything was delicious and fresh. The vegetable omelet was really good and I have to say their chocolate chip pancakes are very good. Most restaurants are either a hit or a miss with pancakes, in my opinion. The Flying Fish has a nice deck to enjoy your breakfast outdoors, as well. They also serve lunch and dinner.

The Pickle Jar

The Pickle Jar is my family’s favorite restaurant in Falmouth. This is the perfect breakfast or lunch spot to go to on the way to the Cape or on your way home from the Cape. Most rentals have check in at 4pm and check out at 11 am. Leave early and stop in Falmouth. You will pass Falmouth on your way into the deeper parts of the Cape and going back home. Try breakfast and lunch at The Pickle Jar. Everything is amazing, especially their sandwiches! It is located in the perfect spot. Right on Main Street. Full of restaurants, shops and ice cream/candy shops. After a late breakfast or lunch, head to Ben and Bill’s for some gelato and some homemade fudge! This is always fun to do, to officially say goodbye to the Cape for the summer. Also good to have some sweets to eat on the long ride home.

Many Restaurants

There are many many restaurants to choose from. These are just some that my family and I enjoyed. If you have recommendations, please let me know! Which are your top 5 local Cape Cod restaurants I should try?

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