Broccoli Cheese Soup (No Broth)

I’ve never met someone who doesn’t like broccoli cheese soup. Most people say they love it! Just the combination of a vegetable with cheese is already enticing. Cheesy goodness! This recipe has no broth. I have seen many recipes that add broth to thin their soup. I personally don’t like adding it and I don’t mind if my soup thickens up a bit. However, I have not found that to be a problem with this recipe.

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Christmas Lunch/Dinner Seafood

Buttery Garlic Shrimp Pasta (Perfect for the Holidays)

For dinner I made a buttery garlic shrimp pasta. I have to admit I have been wanting pasta lately and my little one really enjoys it. It’s also an excuse to make it more often. First of all it’s easy, quick and very filling. Pasta is definitely a dish for those busy school nights. On top of that, the shrimp cooks in just about the same time your pasta cooks! I made this dish with the thought I could make it for Christmas Eve or Christmas. Pasta and seafood are dishes I lean towards for the holidays. Maybe because they are comforting dishes. Garlic Shrimp Pasta is easy but can be made as fancy as you want it!

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Snapper with Pineapple Salsa (In Under 30 minutes)

Winter holidays come with heavy meals. That is why fish is a good option. A fish you don’t have quite often. The new year is here. Why not start off with a healthy meal to celebrate! I had wanted snapper for quite some time. When I called my local Whole Foods they told me they had 10 lbs of snapper in stock and that I should reserve the amount I wanted for pick up. I purchased 3 lbs and had it cleaned and filleted. My plan was to make snapper with pineapple salsa. This dish took me a total of 24 minutes, including the pineapple salsa. While the snapper was cooking, I made the salsa.

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Bruschetta On A Rice Cake (A Healthy Holiday Snack)

The holidays are filled with sweets. There is always an excuse to eat something unhealthy because it’s the holiday season. As I write this I feel so full of eating unhealthy today. Now I have a slight headache! Tomorrow I will go back to healthy eating. With that being said, I want to share a healthy holiday snack I have been making, Bruschetta on a rice cake. It’s really not ONLY a holiday snack but I am calling it that because it has all the Christmas colors. So why not call it a holiday snack? I love bruschetta. It’s very fresh, light and serving it on a rice cake is even lighter than on bread. At less than 50 calories per rice cake, it can be topped with anything from peanut butter and bananas to guacamole without worrying about the extra calories.

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