Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe (Herb and Citrus)

Cooking a Thanksgiving Turkey can be challenging. Especially if this is your first time! I remember my first turkey years ago. It was a huge turkey, that took forever to thaw. And of course, half of the turkey was still frozen after it was done cooking! Luckily, the turkey was large enough that we had a half cooked turkey! We probably each have had some sort of turkey fail story LOL. There are so many questions on making a turkey that there is even a hotline! Although, I’ve never used it. Anyway, my favorite turkey recipe is herb and citrus. Here are the steps I take to make a delicious Thanksgiving Turkey!

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5 Halloween Craft Activities

Halloween will be different this year just like everything else, due to the pandemic. But no reason to get down. There are many ways to celebrate halloween with family and friends! One thing you don’t have to worry about is spending tons of money. Here are 5 halloween craft activities on a budget to decorate your home! I personally just decorate for the fall and throw in a few crafts I make with the kids.

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