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Meal Ideas for 6 Month Old Baby Right from your Kitchen!

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The guidelines to introduce solids to a baby is 4-6 months old. However, I have always introduced solids at 6 months to my children. I did not feel okay starting earlier as at 4 and 5 months most babies can’t sit up in their own. Right when my son turned 3 months my mom and others suggested I start solids to make my baby, “strong” and to sleep longer. Then the conversation goes, “well I fed you at 3 months.” This is something that was always done. Still, I followed my rules and waited until 6 months to start solids. Whenever, you feel comfortable to start feeding your baby solids is your choice as a parent. There is no right or wrong. No judgment here!

I have been writing down every meal and new foods my son has eaten so far. It may have been just a taste, one bite, a few bites or finished his whole meal. More often he is doesn’t finish most meals. He is getting there. The first month your baby start solids it does seem as your baby does not like or eat much. You have to understand, these are new flavors and textures your baby is now discovering. It is suggested you start off with one teaspoon of food and gradually work up to 2-4 tablespoons.

With my first 2 children I would purchase the baby food jars. This time around I decided to make the food. I borrowed the baby brezza baby food maker from a relative. It was unused for some time and therefore, I needed to sterilize it. I attempted 2 times and the inside of the machine still had white particles. I followed the directions to a T but to no avail. I decided to google baby breeza and found that other parents noticed this issue as well. When the baby food maker is put away for sometime it grows particles/metallic of some sort. Many reviews confirmed my situation. I packaged it up and will return to my relative and explain the situation so she also does not use this product.

I decided to just make my own foods without a baby food maker. I honestly did not want to spend $80-200 on a baby food maker that I am only going to use for a couple of months. Really, probably for 3 months or so for purées and then I can start chopping the foods myself!

Instead of storing foods in the freezer I make enough for the day or a few days. I don’t see it necessary to stock my freezer with so many purées. Babies eat little bits and before you know it they will be eating bite size foods and you won’t know what to do with those purées.

My secret tool is a mesh strainer! It’s super cheap and durable. They go for about $10, on average. I have used my blender a few times for certain vegetables; such as green beans and sweet peas but most fruits and vegetables can be strained once fully cooked. For example, mash a banana or sweet potato to get a fine texture. You can add more texture by just mashing with a fork. Foods like blackberries or watermelon can be put in a baby mesh holder they can bite into. Less work for you and better tasting for baby!

Once your baby has been introduced to a new food, don’t be afraid to add spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg. I do give my baby the broth of cooked kidney beans which is seasoned and he loves it. There are spices in there, salt, pepper, vinegar, oregano, cilantro, and a few others. It is suggested to start plain but for beans it is quite gross to think of using bean broth with flavoring. It would be a thick broth. If I won’t eat it I won’t feed it to my baby. But that’s just me! The one food I do buy is the baby oatmeal since it is already finely thin compared to our adult oatmeal pieces. I also buy unsweetened applesauce for the house. I use that instead of buying baby applesauce. There is a bit of texture to it still. Therefore, I put the applesauce through the mesh strainer.

Start off with breakfast and slowly start 2 meal and then 3 meals a day. Some days I would feed 2 times instead of 3. It all depends on your day. Late breakfast or too full/not interested in more food. Babies have tiny stomachs! I prefer to feed my baby solids first and then breast milk, as he prefers breast milk. You can feed solids first if you prefer. Introduce new foods every 3-5 days. Take a look at how I have introduced new foods to my little one.

I enjoy cooking for my little one and giving him foods my family and I are having for dinner! Don’t be afraid to try new things and to repeat them as well. New foods takes time to acquire a taste for it.

*In the chart you will notice a “snack” section. Those are usually smaller amounts than meals. I found it useful to add fruit to a mesh holder when he is fuzzy and I am still preparing a meal!

I hope you find this helpful!

<3 Azilde

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