Easter During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Blog #58:

Easter will be very different this year. Along with many others, I am afraid to go out due to the coronavirus pandemic. This year, everyone who celebrates Easter will be celebrating in their homes with those they live with. No visitors or large get togethers. The stores are always being stocked and there is always something missing from your grocery list. I basically make my list but expect to just purchase what I can find and replace what I cannot find. I have noticed the hams, the easter candy and easter eggs are all out at the stores. I was not sure if we would do easter basket for the kids as I was afraid to go out and shop for non-essential stuff. I go to the grocery store to get food and get out as fast as I can! I decided to order some stuff online and hope it gets here for easter. So far, shipping information says I will receive everything on time! But just in case, my husband and I told our kids we are not sure if the easter bunny will make it this year.

This year we decided to get some chocolate and candy for the baskets ONLY. We will do an easter egg hunt but each egg will be a clue to find the next egg. At the end there will be a prize! Since we are home I decided to get the game Twister. It is a nice way to bond and easy to play for most ages!

I stick to the same theme usually for easter. I have not received everything I ordered yet but this is a list of what I purchased:

9 year old boys:

  • Pajamas
  • Book
  • electric tooth brush
  • Marker Pens with drawing book
  • PopSocket
  • Kinder Eggs
  • Chocolate Candy
  • Sour Patch

7 month old boy:

  • Sleep Sack
  • Finger toothbrush
  • Shape blocks
  • Touch and feel book
  • Sandals
  • Happy baby teether crackers

If you are making easter baskets for a different age group check out last year’s easter basket ideas.

For easter, I don’t stick to the same traditional meal. Every year is pretty different. This year I am going to make angel hair with scallops. As long as I can find all the ingredients I need. If not I will modify or change the meal if needed! For dessert, I may stick with my easter chocolate cups. It is simple and super easy! I can then enjoy board games with my family!

Whatever, you decide on how to celebrate Easter this year, do it! Whether you are home alone or with your husband and kids or your roommate. Make the most of it and celebrate to health and peace! Chat on FaceTime or Zoom with family and friends. These are very scary times but we must make the best of it at home.

Stay Safe!

<3 Azilde