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End of Year Class Teacher Gift Ideas

It’s the end of the school year and you are thinking of what to get for your child’s teacher.  I remember the preschool years there was no room parent and I would buy for all teachers that worked with my children.  Now that they are in elementary school it is custom for the assigned room parent to ask for $5-10 dollars (you can ask for $10-20) donation to get a class gift.  Some parents send in a little more.  This year I am the room parent for my older son’s class and I did just that.  Not everyone can donate and so the gift is from all the students, regardless of who donated.  My son’s class has an assistant teacher and a paraprofessional that help out in class.  Therefore, I collected for all 3 teachers. Here are some end of the year class teacher gift ideas.

Gift for the Assistant Teacher and Paraprofessional

The assistant teacher and the paraprofessional are each getting a beach towel with a Food Network Magazine, along with sunscreen, a thank you card and a $25 gift card!  I specifically picked a cooking magazine opposed to an entertainment magazine since you can keep the recipes in it!  I sure keep my favorite cooking magazines!  Create a little pocket using the towel so the magazine would not fall thru and keep the gift tidy.

Gift for the Expectant Mother

The main teacher is pregnant with her first baby!  Therefore I went for a baby theme.  I purchased a diaper pail and thermometer, along with a thank you card and also a $25 gift card! I wrapped it in a cute ice cream cone wrapping paper.  Pregnant moms love gifts for their babies.  Especially when there is so much to buy!

teacher gifts
Teacher Gifts

Deciding on Gifts

If you are stuck on ideas, feel free to ask for ideas from the other parents.  Many are glad to help! Pinterest is another good place to look. However, the “#1 teacher” gift plaques and mugs are a little too much. Go for something you would use for yourself.

The day before I present the gifts to the teachers I send an email to all the parents and thank them for their donations and mention the gift is from the whole class, even if some were unable to donate.  I also attach pictures of the gifts!  Parents appreciate seeing the pictures.

Bus Drivers & After School Teachers

For the bus drivers and after school teachers you can gift something small, like a gift card to a local coffee shop or a cup filled with goodies.  Check out some gift ideas I have done in the past, below:

Teacher Gift Ideas

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I hope this helps you decide on end of the year teacher gifts! These are perfect summer gifts that the teachers will surely use!

Happy Shopping!

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