grilled branzino fish served with shishito peppers and onions

Grilled Branzino With Herbs And Citrus

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I was looking for sea bass to grill but instead found branzino. I purchased two, had it descaled and then did some research when I got home. I’ve never had branzino, I don’t think! After some research I found that Branzino is a European Bass fish. Well, I definitely got sea bass of some sort. Grilled branzino with herbs and citrus it is!

Tell Me More About Branzino Fish

One branzino fish is supposed to serve 2. I purchased 2 whole branzino fish to serve my kids, husband and I but quickly decided that it was definitely not a filling fish to serve 2 adults and 2 kids. The fish is VERY boney. Remove the fish bone from the tail and lift all the way to the head. However, there are many little bones in just about every bite. Therefore, I decided not to feed the kids this fish.

Apart from branzino fish being very boney, it is sweet and meaty. It is one of the best fishes I have had! It definitely is a must try even with the little bones. Honestly, a whole fish is a good serving per person. I had purchased 2.15 lbs (equalling two whole branzino fishes). However, that is the weight with the bones. After all the bones are removed it is much less.

How To Make

Just like Citrus Grilled Snapper (Done in 25 Minutes!), branzino is grilled the same way. I added some sliced limes, fresh cilantro and basil and some sliced onions. Season both sides generously with citrus herb seasoning or make your own. Make sure to oil your grates well. Instead of placing the fish directly on the grill grates, I placed them on a grill sheet. Grill for about 7 minutes per side and serve!

Grill some shishito peppers and onions to serve the fish with. To make the meal extra filling, I made a side salad for my husband as well. The shishito peppers and onions was such a great combination with the grilled branzino with herbs and citrus! A super easy dish to make even though it looks a little complicated to make!

Grilled Branzino With Herbs And Citrus

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Treat yourself to something you don’t have everyday. A sweet and meaty branzino fish cooked right on the grill. Perfect for a special occasion or any day!


  • 2 whole branzino fish, descaled and cleaned (about 2 lbs)

  • A bunch of cilantro

  • 1 1/2 tbsp citrus herb seasoning

  • 1/2 onion, sliced

  • 4 large basil leaves

  • 1 lime, cut into slices

  • olive oil


  • For best results, oil a grill sheet pan. Generously season both sides of branzino fish.
  • Split onions, basil leaves, cilantro and limes and add to the inside of each fish. Lay fish on the grill sheet.
  • Grill branzino fish for about 7 minutes per side. Careful turning as fish will flake a bit and stick to the sheet pan.
  • Serve with your favorite vegetables!

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  1. 💜 Thank YOU!!! SupaSoulSis, as a Single Man it’s ALWAYS!!! Great Getting Recipe Ideas; a Lady Friend of Mine inspired Me to Cook a Steak, Vegetable and Fries Meal for One, Alone but NOT!!! Lonely, at Home in LockDown


  2. I found out sometime ago that Chilean Sea Bass was a made up name.  its real name is the Patagonian toothfish, which is so unappetizing-sounding that even though it tastes great, nobody was buying it. So some enterprising fisherman renamed it Chilean Sea Bass and started selling out. I guess no matter what you call it, it tastes great. Branzino is similar, but it is actually a branzino, not a marketing name.

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