recoverfun mini vs theragun mini

Father’s Day Gift For The Athlete (RecoverFun Mini)

Father’s Days is just around the corner. Gift giving is not always easy as my husband is SUPER PICKY. He likes something today and tomorrow he will return because he doesn’t like the shirt, etc. I ordered my husband his father’s day gift on Amazon and it arrived early. He was waiting on something from Amazon and thought the box that arrived was his item. However, it was his Father’s day gift he opened! Therefore, I can give you a review of his gift. Here is a great father’s day gift for the athlete, the recoverfun mini!

Gift Ideas For The Athlete

My husband works out 7 days a week and is always sore. Over the years I have gifted him:

  • pedicure gift certificates (perfect for massage and callus removal)
  • Massage certificates
  • Home pedicure baskets
  • Gift certificate to his favorite store
  • Yeti water bottle

RecoverFun Mini

The RecoverFun Mini is a deep tissue massage gun. This is a great gift for father’s day. Especially for the athlete. It gets deep into the tissues for those sore muscles. My husband had previously purchased the Theragun Mini for $199 but then quarantine started with the pandemic and he was no longer working out vigorously. Therefore, he decided he no longer needed it. He has started working out vigorously 7 days a week for a while now and he is complaining of muscle pain again.

recoverfun mini vs theragun mini
Father’s Day Gift for the Athlete

RecoverFun Mini vs. Theragun Mini

Now that my husband is working out more he has been talking about getting the theragun mini again. This time I did some research to see what else is out there for massage guns. I found the recoverfun mini for more than half the cost of the theragun. Since he opened the gift early here are the differences.

RecoverFun Mini
  • cheaper
  • 4 speeds
  • 4 massage heads
  • Quiet
  • Easy to Hold (non slip)
  • 5 hours of battery life
  • Portable
Theragun Mini
  • More Expensive
  • 3 speeds
  • 1 massage head
  • Louder
  • Slips easy from hand
  • 2.5 hours of battery life
  • Portable

My Review

My husband loves the recoverfun mini. He takes it everywhere with him. He does admit the Theragun is a bit stronger but there are so many benefits to the recoverfun mini he loves. What’s great is, he takes it with him to the gym and also uses it in the car! Which is perfect, since the mini is portable! The choice is yours on which massager mini to get!

Gift Post Ideas

Happy Father’s Day!

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