cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce

Cheeseburger Wrapped in Lettuce (No Bun & Healthy)

We all know how to make burgers, right? I am here to show you a healthier way to eat your burger. A cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce instead of adding a bun. A healthy no bun cheeseburger. Start off the year eating right but still keeping the foods you like. By omitting the bun you are saving 150 calories minimum on your meal. Adding the extra toppings and sauces add up. Why not omit the bun when it is already empty calories? Now, don’t get me wrong, a cheeseburger on a bun is delicious but once in a while why not have a healthy meal that is equally satisfying with less calories. You can also serve the burger on lettuce instead of serving it wrapped. However, I wanted to eat it like a burger, not a salad.

Healthier Cheeseburger

I am not adding a recipe card for this. Instead I will share how I put together my cheeseburger on lettuce. To see my burger recipe, check out my Gouda Pesto Burgers post.


You will need about 2 leaves of iceberg lettuce for each patty. I used a pound of 90% lean beef to make 4 patties. Add your favorite cheese. I used American cheese.


Must have toppings for my burger are cheese and sauces. I mixed 2 tablespoons of ketchup, mustard and mayo in a small bowl. Omitting the mayo is even better. But I really wanted mayo today. I got a nice crunch using dill pickles, as I was out of pickled jalapeños. And of course I added a tomato and onion for extra freshness in every bite.

How To Prepare and Serve

Wash and dry the iceberg lettuce. I still have to order a new salad spinner, since my bowl cracked. As you can see, I did not dry my lettuce very well, in the first picture below.

  • Start with 2 lettuce leaves on each plate
  • Add dill pickles or pickled jalapeños
  • Add sauces -ketchup, mustard and mayo mix
  • Then add burger or cheeseburger
  • Top off with tomato and onion slice
  • Roll the lettuce like a taco and serve

I served the cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce with a side of sweet potato fries. It was soo good! It did not feel heavy at all. All because I omitted the bun!

Healthy Eating

I definitely love sweets but there was a lot of that for the month of November and December. Back to eating less sweets and taking care of my body. Instead of omitting unhealthy foods from my diet I can make them healthier! I can then have sweets here and there without feeling guilty.

Still Craving Sweets

If you are still craving sweets after the holidays, start slowly removing the foods instead of completely eliminating them. I keep chocolate chips in the freezer for a sweet after lunch and dinner. Then there is always fruits. Enjoy a nice bowl of raspberries with chocolate chips for dessert! There are ways to eat healthier without eating totally junky!

Raspberries with chocolate chips

Here are some more healthier sweet ideas


16 thoughts on “Cheeseburger Wrapped in Lettuce (No Bun & Healthy)

  1. My honey doesn’t eat meat but that is an awesome idea. I love the idea of dark chocolate chips. We have been eating them with unsalted almonds but fruit is even better. Thanks for the tip my friend. Sending happy New Year wishes. Love ❤️ Joni

  2. That looks so delicious! I love making lettuce burgers because they are a healthier option and I honestly just really like lettuce lol.

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