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Ardell Nails REVIEW (Nail Addict Premium)

I received the Ardell Addict Premium Nails for Christmas. For some time now I have been wanting to try these. I am not a make up girl but definitely like to get my nails done. Now with 3 kiddos, I honestly never get them done as often as I would like. Getting my nails done means me purchasing fake nails or nail strips, instead of going to the salon. Once a year, I treat myself to a manicure and pedicure at a nail salon. I know! Overtime though, I have falling in love with the ease of going to the store to buy nail strips or press on nails. In celebration of my birthday, which was on New Year’s Eve, I decided to try the nails and give you an Ardell Nails Review.

Are Press On Nails Worth It?

I’ll start off by saying, I REALLY like press on nails. They are inexpensive, last and come in many different nail shapes, lengths, colors and designs. In the end I am saving time and money. I can pamper myself from the comfort of my own home! I have not tried every press on brand out there, yet but all the ones I have tried are worth it. Each one has its pros and cons. But in the end they are definitely worth it!

Ardell Nails Pros & Cons

Lets get to the pros and cons of these nails.


  • Nails are very sturdy
  • Glue works well
  • last at least 6 days!
  • Cost: $7.99 but you get them for $5.99 at your local Marshalls!
  • Enough nails to do 2 sets
  • Comes with 24 nails (6 are accent nails)
  • Coffin Shape


  • Nails are LONG and CURVY
  • The Matte finish did not look very natural.
  • Wish there was an adhesive option, instead of just the glue.

The nails are pretty easy to put on and I had no issue with runny glue. I do wish there was an adhesive option, as the Kiss Fantasy nails come with that option (see my review below, on that). My nails came in matte natural color. I really like neutral colors but it was a bit too plan and so I added the rhinestones to my ring fingers. As you can see in the pictures below, the matte did not look very natural. Therefore, I added a top coat to each nail, including the rhinestone nails, for a more natural look. For the rhinestone nails, I added top coat on the nail not on the rhinestones. On day 2 a few of the rhinestones came off but not really noticeable to anyone looking from afar LOL.

On day 5, my pinky nail got loose and re-glued the area. The Ardell nails last at least a week. I removed them on day 6 because I got food stuck on one of the nails when I was doing the dishes. If it wasn’t for that I would have left them on a bit longer. Besides the fact, they were a bit long and curvy to type with, I was able to get everything done. They were also very easy to remove. Use one of the fake nails to push the fake nail away from your real nail. I buffed them and add a base coat, after.

ardell nail reviewardell nail review
Matte Finish vs Gloss Finish

My Final Thoughts

Coffin is the new look and I see more often, coffin style nails vs square shaped. Although I love square shaped nails! These nails are tough. They can handle cooking, washing dishes, laundry, cleaning, taking care of baby and kids! Overall, these nails are definitely worth it. I am glad I was able to try them. With enough nails for another set, I will have to do them again soon!

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10 thoughts on “Ardell Nails REVIEW (Nail Addict Premium)

  1. Interesting info here. I am definitely a nail girl and go to the salon every two weeks. Getting a mani/pedi and going to the hair salon are the only things I do for myself, by myself, so I really enjoy the pampering. I remember press-on nails from years ago; they came with a sticky back and never stayed on longer than a few hours. About five years go I was introduced to nail strips; my favorite brand so far is Incoco. I’m not a fan of glue-on nails so the nail strip idea was intriguing. The kit consists of an emery board, cuticle stick, alcohol wipe and a sheet of nail strips. The strips are finger nail shaped and vary in size from pretty small to rather large. There are enough strips on the sheet for a couple of manis or pedis, depending on the size of your nails. The strips are made from nail polish and are incredibly thin yet durable! You just find the size that matches your nail, peel off the protective plastic coating and lay the strip on your nail, gently rubbing across the entire nail until it’s completely covered and set in place. You can then easily file off the excess using the emery board. Also, if a strip is too large it can be trimmed with manicure scissors prior to placing on your nail. The strips come in many different colors and patterns and are easily removed using nail polish remover. They last for weeks and do not come off or loosen in water like some other nail strips. As a mani/pedi fan I’ll never give up going to the salon for some TLC but I’m always looking for something new … like the Ardell Press-On Nails. Thanks for a great post! 💅🏼

    1. Hi Nancy! Thanks for the recommendation on the nail strips. I love the dash diva nail strips. They stay on long as well. And yes I agree years ago press on nails stayed on for a few hours but they definitely have improved. Impress nails have the adhesive which is great. This was my first glue on nails but I was impressed. Its super nice to pamper yourself. We definitely need that alone time! ❤️

      1. It’s so nice to talk about something other than the craziness going on in the world. We need kind people and fun thoughts … and TLC! ❤️ 💅🏼 🌟

  2. I absolutely love press on nails just because of how easy they are to put on without creating a whole mess. I usually grow my nails but whenever I have short nails but want long nails press on’s are my go-to. I haven’t tried this brand yet but I definitely will!

    1. Me too! Its easy and inexpensive and fun 😆 i keep my natural nails a little short but I like the longer length once in a while. Let me know what you think of this brand. I want to try them again!

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