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Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Review

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I was super excited to try the Dashing Diva Gloss Nail Polish Strips. Why not give you a nail review and let you know how they actually fit and work! The Dashing Diva Gloss nails have great reviews but I wanted to try it out for myself. Years ago, I used to use the Sally Hansen Nail Effects polish strips. But I have not seen them in a few years in stores. I googled them and they do sell them on Amazon and Walmart. However, they have the same designs from 10 years ago! No new designs that I noticed. My favorites were the white with black cursive writing and the cheetah prints. My style has evolved over the years and my favorite colors are nudes.

When I saw these strips I just had to try them. Dashing Diva has so many nude colors! There are many nail products out there to try and this was a product worth reviewing.

The packaging is very nice. Looks like a palette of eyeshadow. I purchased the rose sparkle color. It came with 2 strips of the rose sparkle, 4 sparkly pinks, 4 sparkly silver and 4 nude, sparkle designs. It also came with a nice quality nail filer. It did not come with an alcohol pad.


Prepping your nails before applying is the same process as the Impress and Fantasy nails. Clean your nails with an alcohol pad and then find the correct size for each nail. Remove from plastic and apply to your nail, pressing down firmly. You want to make sure there are no bubbles and lifting. File down the remaining polish strip until it breaks off. Do not wash hands for at least an hour to set.


I can’t find anything negative to say about these nails. They are absolutely amazing! They felt a little thick and plastic when I put them on but once they set in they were glued to my nails like real polish. I completely forgot I had them on, which is why I forgot to take a picture of day 12! That’s how long they lasted. The packaging says polish will last up to 14 days. I had one nail that was peeling a bit. If it wasn’t for that I would still be wearing them. They were still shiny until the very end! Mind you I am always busy cooking and doing dishes and there was no chipping whatsoever.


The package comes with a good amount of nail sizes. Therefore, for $8 bucks it is definitely worth it. I plan to apply another set from the same package.


The instructions say to apply a drop of polish remover or cuticle oil around cuticle area and peel polish off gently starting from the cuticle. I however, pushed the polish from the sides until it lifted. The polish came off in one piece and my nails were still perfect. No peeling or ruining my nails. It also has no smell, which is a plus.

Who Would Love These?

  • Busy moms
  • Works with short and long nails
  • Always on the go
  • Low maintenance
  • Prefer polish over press on or acrylic nails

With a small baby at home, I wanted to try something that didn’t smell and keep my nails short so I don’t scratch my baby. The best part is that I could finish applying the nails “later” if my baby needed me. Another plus is that it only takes a few minutes and no need to dry!

Let me know if you’ve tried these polish strips or other brands worth trying!


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