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25 Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget (Under $20)

Christmas is right around the corner and this year I am way behind on my shopping! With the pandemic, I haven’t been the most enthusiastic to do any Christmas shopping. By December 1st I would have had everything done by now. My list is definitely smaller this year and I definitely like to budget my Christmas list. Can you come up with 5 ideas? I know! It is super hard to come up with ideas for every person on your list! How about 25 Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget, under $20?! This list will definitely help you 😊

List & Budget

I make a list of everyone who will get a gift and who is just getting a card in the mail. Next to each name I write down what I may get for each person. That way when I am out I will have a better idea on what I am looking for and not splurge.  I make a budget and stick to it.   This will be my first time Christmas shopping in store in quite a few years but I am a bit excited to do so.  I honestly enjoy online shopping.  It is amazing!

When to Shop

I will start my Christmas shopping this week! know, I know! But I’ve noticed, it seems many people do this. I plan to just go in store and shop this time around, since I don’t have much time. My list is smaller this year but who said it gets any easier! Black Friday is not the only way to get deals. Honestly, there are deals every week leading right up to Christmas. Try to shop online if you start early or if you are starting late like myself, plan to shop early morning or in the evenings during the week. Skip the weekends if you can help it. Even though we are in a pandemic people are still working even if it is remote and kids are doing remote school, as well. Therefore, the days are busy and people will still shop on the weekends.

25 Gifts Under $20

Here are 25 gifts you can gift to adults and kids for under $20!

  1. Mug with a necklace, earrings or bracelet
  2. Mug with hot cocoa or coffee packet with candy cane
  3. Robe
  4. Slippers and a book
  5. PJs and a book
  6. $10 gift card to coffee shop and water bottle or travel mug
  7. Water bottle and sports headband (sporty gift);
  8. Nail polish with a pair of cozy socks;
  9. Sweater or top with matching nail polish
  10. Kids purse (I wouldn’t get an adult a purse unless you really know their style)
  11. Board Games (perfect for indoor winter games and quarantining!)
  12. Hair products with hair elastics and hair brush or clips:
  13. Hair straighter
  14. Decorative pillows (ex. Disney Frozen or Boston Celtics for Kids)
  15. Beanie and gift card
  16. Gloves and gift card
  17. Baby rattler/teether and outfit
  18. Football, Basketball, Soccer ball (you get the drill)
  19. Tea set (kids or adults!);’
  20. Gatorade towel (for the athlete)
  21. Wreck this journal with colored pencils
  22. Blanket
  23. Planner or Bullet Journal
  24. Foam seat Cushion (for any desk worker or elder)
  25. Kids wallet with gift card or a few bucks

Check out the Christmas gift idea videos below:

Inexpensive Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas
Gift Ideas
Gift under $5

I hope I have given you some great gift ideas on a budget!

Happy Holidays!

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14 thoughts on “25 Christmas Gift Ideas on a Budget (Under $20)

  1. Great ideas and nice pictures that added to your post. We quit giving gifts many years ago. We have three grandchildren now and they will each get one gift. We started giving to people who had nothing instead through programs in church. So that at least a wonderful family Christmas dinner could be enjoyed. It takes so much pressure off of everyone at Christmas and it helps those who literally might not eat at Christmas at all have a wonderful dinner. Love Joni

    1. Joni, I love that idea! It does become overwhelming at times. This year I want to keep it simple, as we aren’t seeing anyone for the holidays. Just getting a few presents for the kids cousins. One gift is all the kids need! I tell my mom that. We don’t need so much ‘stuff’. Thanks Joni for sharing this beautiful holiday tradition ❤️

      1. One gift per child is great. It is a joy to watch the little ones enjoy Christmas. Nothing wrong with that. You stay safe and healthy my friend. Bless you and all those you love. 🤗💕🦋Joni

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