Traveling With Babies And Toddlers

Traveling with babies and toddlers is never a fun idea. You want to be prepared, as much as possible. This was my first time flying with a toddler as I never flew with my older 2 when they were little. This time around we were celebrating my son’s 11th birthday. His birthday gift to Disney. And with a nursing toddler, who is very attached to me, there was no way he was staying behind! Here are my tips, traveling with babies and toddlers!

Packing List

Make a list, well in advance, with things your child likes and needs, of course! We stayed in Florida for a week and a small pack of (28 pack) diapers was fine for my son. He is 19 months old. Therefore, he doesn’t wet or soil diapers as much as a newborn does. Diapers are sold everywhere, so if you do run out you don’t have to worry about it. But it is easier to have them packed!

What Can I Take On The Plane?

Diaper Bag

If your child is under 2 years old, he is a lap seat; meaning baby or toddler sits with you. You can of course purchase a seat but at this age they need mommy or daddy. Because there is no “baby” seat, that also means your child does not get a free carry on. Instead your child gets to bring a diaper bag. On this trip, I packed my son his own backpack, as a diaper bag. I normally use my tote bag but for this trip I used my tote for my necessities.

Can I Bring Snacks?

You are allowed to bring snacks and drinks in the diaper bag. Just make sure all snacks and drinks are in the diaper bag and not in your bag!

Stroller and Car Seat

Yes, you can bring a stroller and car seat! This is considered a personal item. You can check in a car seat with your luggage but in my case, my son still fits in his rear facing car seat that goes with his stroller. Therefore, I kept the stroller and car seat until boarding time. I checked it at the gate. A crew member will give you a ticket (as they do with checked luggage) and you can take your stroller right near the entrance to the plane. This was perfect to keep the stroller and car seat with me. It is perfect for naps and when your child is tired and you want your hands free! Best of all, your stroller will be waiting for you when you walk out of the plane!

Traveling with Baby and Toddler

As I mentioned above, the trip was for 11 year old’s birthday. Because my son is very attached to me and still nursing he came along on this Disney trip. Overall, my son did great but it was hard to keep routine. He didn’t eat much during our trip and naps were at different times, everyday. On the last night he did sleep well!

On the plane, I did pack his favorite snacks, a coloring book with the mess free marker (a must), his favorite stuffed animal, which is small and fit in his bag and I also packed his favorite toy and 2 books and blanket. A few things, to keep him comfortable.

Overall, pack what you need and leave room in your luggage for things you may want to bring home. Plus it seems luggages are always fuller coming home!

Happy Travels!

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