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Easy Scarecrow Puppet Craft

Here is an easy scarecrow puppet craft to make with kids! This is a great craft to make in preparation for Halloween! In general it is a great puppet craft for the fall, as well! To make things easier for little ones pre-cut everything. Then all your little one has to do is glue on the pieces!

Puppet Crafting

Making puppet crafts are fun for all ages. What gave me the idea to do this craft was my little one loves when we do a puppet show in the dark. I use my hands to “create” animals. This has been the new thing during bedtime for the past few weeks. He absolutely loves it! There are so many ways you can make puppets. From using paper bags, socks and even old shirts!

For this craft I used a paper bag. It is a lot easier for little ones to glue the pieces, rather than using a sock, for this project. I would like to use socks for my next puppet craft. Socks are soft and conform to your hands, which is more fun when playing puppet games!

Craft Supplies

  • a piece of red, orange, brown and pink construction paper
  • sticker eyes (safer for young children, instead of the plastic eyes)
  • brown paper bag
  • glue
  • scissors
  • black marker

Lets Start!

You can start by cutting out a hat, any shape you’d like. Cut out some pink cheeks, a shirt for the scarecrow and some hair. Yarn is also a fun way to make hair! Lastly, cut out a triangle nose and square for the patch on the shirt. If you are a perfectionist, you can always find some scarecrow templates online to use. Check THIS one out.

Time for the Kids to Start Gluing!

You can join in the fun as well, by making your own scarecrow. This way your child can follow along, on what goes first. Make sure to glue to hair first and then add the hat after. I had that issue with my son. I preferred using a glue stick. Less mess and dries faster!

Happy Crafting!

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