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5 Halloween Craft Activities


Halloween will be different this year just like everything else, due to the pandemic. But no reason to get down. There are many ways to celebrate halloween with family and friends! One thing you don’t have to worry about is spending tons of money. Here are 5 halloween craft activities on a budget to decorate your home! I personally just decorate for the fall and throw in a few crafts I make with the kids.

Here are 5 Halloween Craft Activities:

Use those Wine Bottles

Have you been drinking lots of wine lately and haven’t found ideas on what to do with those pretty wine bottles. Don’t toss them! Make some halloween art! PAINT THEM. Paint a ghost, a pumpkin, a witch or just write out halloween. Anything goes! A few years ago I did a few of these with my kids and they loved it! My husband who isn’t crafty at all had fun as well!

*Tip to remove the label on the wine bottle. Soak the label in oil for a few hours and wash with dish soap and water. Some come off easier than others. Works best if you scrub it off in a circular motion,

Halloween decor pumpkins
Halloween Ghost and Pumpkin

Decorate a Pumpkin

Have a contest on who carves or decorates the best pumpkin. The winner get a small price, whether that means a nice massage for mom, help with the chores or a few dollars to spend at the store.

We have done some fun ones in the past but I can’t seem to find pictures! I would like to make a minion or cheeseburger. That would be pretty cool! Let’s see what the boys come up with this year. Hopefully something more than just a simple face!

Paper Crafts

I won’t take credit for these 2 crafts. I found them on Pinterest and did them with son’s class last year. A quick 15 minute craft is all you need to have some fun. Here are the links:

Flying Bats

I am thankful Pumpkins -This craft can be done right before halloween, just in time for Thanksgiving!

thankful pumpkin craft
Thankful for… Pumpkin Craft

Paint a Shirt

Here I go again with the shirt crafts. I guess I have been a bit obsessed lately with crafting clothes. Maybe because I have a ton of fabric paint I want to use up! I decided not to buy costumes for the boys this year or the baby. No trick or treating this year. Which is why I want to do lots of Halloween and fall activities to make it special. I will buy candy since that’s what they look forward to but the festivities are the best part!

Grab an old shirt and go crazy. Tie dye using orange, purples and black; splash paint or draw a ghost.

ghost onesie - shirt
Literally took me 2 minutes to paint the ghost face!

Tombstone Book Holder

This is probably one of favorite halloween crafts I’ve made. A few years ago for the my son’s halloween party at school I made Tombstone Book Holders. We had a small area for kids to read halloween books. A quiet area from the loud music. It was quite easy and fun! Check out the video on my youtube to see how made this! All you need is a few old boxes, paint, paint brushes and scissors.

spooky reads book shelf
Spooky Reads Book Holders

I like the kid playful part of halloween instead of the scary gory stuff! What will you be doing this halloween?


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26 thoughts on “5 Halloween Craft Activities

  1. We don’t celebrate Halloween traditionally in the UK, although my daughter did go to some fancy dress parties around that time when she was a teen. We celebrate fireworks night on 5th November, which also happens to be my birthday. I do love decorating my house with pumpkins and squash because they are beautiful. Happy Halloween. I love your crafts. I bet you have fun in your house.

    1. I love fireworks! Teens and kids love halloween here. It will be different this year but I am trying to still make it fun for the kids. Happy early birthday! My birthday is in December. How cool?! November and December birthdays! And I agree fall decor is so much fun! 🍁 πŸ‚

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