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Toxic Baby Food In The News (Is It Safe?)

Over the years, I have always heard of heavy metals and toxins in baby foods. You may have heard about toxic baby food in the news (is it safe?) lately. I used to buy baby food for my first 2 boys. With my youngest, who is now 17 months, I decided to make his food. This time I had the time to do so. As he got older, he started eating less and that’s when I decided to buy him baby food pouches and baby snacks. I am not the one to buy baby geared snacks but anything to get my little one to eat, if the box has Elmo or Big Bird on it! After tons of research I decided to go with Happy Baby and Earth’s Best.

Buying Baby Food

Now I still make my toddler’s food but I was purchasing food pouches. He would have those twice a week. On those days he refused food. I started buying the Earth’s best brand because of the Sesame Street characters. However, since this news article came out (see the video below), I decided to throw out all the snacks. It amazes me how regular foods don’t have toxins or the amount of toxins baby foods do. It said that toxins come from the soil. This is why I thought buying organic would be okay. After All the research I did! However, I am okay not having the baby snacks. My toddler eats the regular snacks I feed my older two.

Is It Okay To Still Feed Your Child Store Bought Baby Food?

The report says, it is okay to continue to feed your child baby foods and parents should not panic. It says to avoid food products made with sweet potatoes and rice cereals. These products have higher toxin levels, due to how they are grown. Give baby a variety of foods instead of just sticking to baby foods.

The toxins found in baby foods, contain heavy metals, lead and arsenic, which can cause permanent brain development. For me personally, it isn’t worth taking the risk. There are plenty of other kid snacks I can buy that are not geared toward babies and toddlers. My son also eats, what I cook.

It is upsetting, that we trust these companies to make healthy and easy on the go foods for our babies and toddlers, as we live such a fast paced life. I hope the FDA gets to the bottom of this and make these foods safe again.

Toxic Baby Foods

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6 thoughts on “Toxic Baby Food In The News (Is It Safe?)

  1. Geez I didn’t know any of that! We cooked most of my baby’s food because we wanted to have control of what ingredients went into her meals. It was tedious but clearly rewarding 😟

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