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Why You Should Get The Haakaa Breast Pump

A while ago, a school parent and I were talking about breastfeeding and she told me she felt like a cow everytime she pumped. I still remember that. I completely agree with that statement! I returned to work temporarily after I had my youngest. I would pump using my Medela Pump. Well a month into work, the pandemic came along and I started working from home. Boy was I glad, since I was pumping to relieve myself, as my son has always refused the bottle. My husband would come up so I could feed him. I felt so guilty, that my son was starving because he refused the bottle! Anyway, the plus of working from home, is being home with my kids. I really disliked pumping and discovered the haakaa breast pump. This is why you should get the haakaa breast pump!

haakaa breast pump
Haakaa Breast Pump

Do I Need To Pump?

In the beginning, yes you need to pump. It takes a few weeks for your milk to regulate. When it’s time for a feeding or your body says its time, you will start leaking milk uncontrollably. Which, is why you need breast pads, the first few months of breastfeeding! A haakaa is perfect for this. When your feeding your baby in the middle of the night, just pull out the haakaa. Feed on one side and pump with the haakaa on the other breast. Since your body is still getting used to how much your baby drinks milk, both breasts will be extremely full and leaking when your feeding baby.

When Your Out

I haven’t got much alone time, if any without my little one. Since the pandemic, he has been attached to the hip. He is now 19 months and I thought I was done with the haakaa. But I was wrong! I actually left him with a sitter since I was out ALL day. Of course, I thought, I will need to bring my pump. But then I remembered, I don’t need the electric pump when I can bring the manual pump!

It is small, portable and fits right in my purse. The best thing about it, it is one part, plus the top to cover the pump. Easy to clean with a brush and no extra small parts! Anyway, I was extremely full while I was out. All I had to do was pump as I would normally do with an electric pump, except just one side at a time. Super easy to pull out and pump in seconds!

How To Use

There are many youtube videos on how to use a haakaa breast pump but even without watching a video, it is extremely easy to use! The easiest way to get a good suction is to fold the top down, squeeze the pump and put your breast inside. Flip the top up and let go of the pump. The suction of the haakaa, is like your baby sucking on your breast, just like an electronic pump. The milk will start flowing. It also has the number of ounces on the side, as well.

Pros and Cons

I honestly don’t have any cons about this product. It is the best invention ever!

It is super affordable, easy to carry around, easy to clean and works like a charm! I highly recommend the haakaa breast pump!

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2 thoughts on “Why You Should Get The Haakaa Breast Pump

  1. That takes me back! I went back to work 6 weeks after our daughter was born and my husband was a stay at home dad. I continued to breast feed and pump but I leaked milk all day. No amount of breast pads could absorb it all. Most uncomfortable and embarrassing. But worth it as I loved breastfeeding

    1. With my first born I went back to work after 6 weeks too and my husband stayed home with our son. I tried nursing for 2 weeks and gave up. I am so glad I am doing it now with my 3rd. It’s the best experience! I agree it’s totally worth it!

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