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7 Kitchen Gadget Must Haves! (Everyone Should Have)

I practically live in the kitchen. Every morning I cook breakfast, I make lunch and then dinner. Count the time cooking and cleaning up after! It is a good amount of hours a week, even when the meals are 15 minute meals. We all have our favorite kitchen items, that become our go to. I want to share with you my 7 Kitchen Gadget Must Haves that everyone should have!


I use tongs for everything. I use them to cook every meal. Use tongs to flip your meat, toss vegetables and even to scramble eggs! There are really nice tongs out there, ranging in different colors and size. I bought my metal tongs for about $2.00; years ago at Marshalls and they have been through a lot! I even toss them in the dishwasher and it is still in perfect condition. Even though it is metal it does not heat up by the handles, even when I leave them resting on a hot pan. Unless I leave it for a long period of time resting on a hot pan. I would recommend metal, as it will last longer and is much studier!

Skillet Pan

My lodge skillet pan, is a must have. I bought it a few years back at a casino. A weird purchase to buy at a casino! I don’t know how I survived without this pan. It is amazing and will last a lifetime! The only thing I don’t make in this pan is fish or eggs since it heats up so quickly. Of course, there are many dishes you can make with fish and eggs using a skillet, I just opt out. You can learn more HERE on how to care and clean a skillet pan.

Non Stick Frying Pan

A non stick frying pan is a must. I don’t fry food but this pan is a must to make eggs, fish, meat and even vegetables! I don’t ever have to worry about my fish sticking to the pan! The 12-inch pan is large enough to also grill two sandwiches and a half for my toddler! All in one pan! It is also super easy to clean, since it is non-stick!

Salad Spinner

Salad Spinner

A salad spinner is a must for salad lovers. Hand drying salad doesn’t give the same result as using a salad spinner. I use the Cuisinart salad spinner and it is great! My first one lasted a few years and somehow I broke it. I bought the same one and it seems a lot studier than my first purchase. Once the salad is dry, the clear bowl doubles as a serving bowl!

Baking Sheet Pan

Baking Sheet Pan

Have a set a of baking sheet pans. These get everyday use in my home, since I broil vegetables everyday and broil fish a few times a week. On top of that, I use my baking sheet pans to bake cookies, instead of using cookie sheet pans. They are similar, but the only difference is that cookie sheet pans do not have sides. They are flat pans.

Mesh Strainer

Mesh Strainer

Growing up, I always saw mesh strainers in the kitchen. They can be used to sift the dry ingredients for baking, to make fresh juice and rinse canned beans and vegetables. I use it a lot more now to strain the juices of fruit to mix in yogurt for my little one.

Cheese Shredder

Cheese Shredder

A cheese shredder is not just to shred cheese but to also shred vegetables for stir frys, salads and sandwiches. Each side has a different size, which is convenient when shredding cheese on one side and grating garlic on the other side.

7 Kitchen Gadget Must Haves

These are my 7 kitchen gadget must haves. They make cooking and baking in the kitchen a lot easier! Best of all, they are all budget friendly!

What are you favorite kitchen gadgets?

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