kate spade molly tote with totesavvy insert
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Kate Spade Molly Tote Diaper Bag (ToteSavvy Insert)


My son is now 19 months old and I am still using the Kate Spade Molly Tote as my diaper bag with the ToteSavvy Insert. For those of you who are still undecided on whether to purchase a tote to use as a diaper bag or just get a diaper bag, I would recommend a tote. For one it looks nicer and less bulky and two, you will be able to use your tote even after your baby is no longer a baby or toddler!

I am currently pregnant with my third boy!  This time around I wanted a tote bag instead of a diaper bag.  I’d like to use my tote when I am out without my baby and when I am with my baby.  Let’s face it, unless it’s date night or work, baby will be with me!  I searched high and low for a diaper bag that I can picture myself using for the next couple of years.  Yes, I found some I liked but I did not love.  It seems like the new style is diaper backpacks.  Still I could not find one I loved.

Kate Spade Molly Tote

I had been eyeing the new Kate Spade Molly tote for a while now.  Once I found out I was pregnant I decided the tote bag was going to be my diaper bag!  I just received it in the mail today and absolutely love it!  I purchased the all black with the beige, suede interior.  It also comes with a removable pouch.  One side has the Spade and the other side says Kate Spade.

When I am not using as a diaper bag, all I have to do is remove the totesavvy insert. It’s a great bag for travel and everyday use.

kate spade with totesavvy insert
Kate Spade Molly Tote with ToteSavvy Insert

ToteSavvy Insert

I also purchased the Mini ToteSavvy from Amazon.  The totesavvy is an insert that has an insulated pocket for bottles, pockets for diapers, wipes, toys, etc.  It also comes with a changing mat!  In addition to all the pockets it has a clip to attach your keys or wallet!  I am still debating if I want a wallet for this bag is it comes with a removable pouch.  In the pouch I added my card case to make it more neat, so I think that should be fine!

There are a few different sizes but I decided to go with the mini since I still wanted extra space to add my belongings!  They also come in many different colors to match the inside of your bag!

This is an example of what my bag may look like, minus the bottle since I plan on breastfeeding.   I added a baby blanket/teether, diapers, wipes, butt cream, nursing pads, a bottle and hand sanitizer. Now that my son is 19 months old, I carry snacks, his water bottle, a toy and book, along with a nursing cover, diapers, wpies and an extra outfit

I am that person that buys something and has to use it right away.  Since I will be using the tote as an everyday bag I obviously have not completely packed it.  However, I will be adding burp clothes, a few wash clothes, a small blanket, an extra outfit or 2 for the baby and an extra shirt for me. I will also carry my personal belongs such as pads, lip balm, eye drops, tissues, etc.

What diaper bag do you use?


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