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Do You Really Need All The School Supplies On The List?

August comes around and you have to start school shopping. The school supply list is posted and there seems to always be an endless amount of requests, that your child “needs.” The first years, we, as parents, get carried away and get EVERYTHING on the list. But do you really need all the school supplies on the list? The short answer is no.

How To Save Money On School Supplies

If you have been doing this for a few years, then this post is perfect for you (parent)! Before doing any shopping, my children and I go through all their school supplies they have left over. This is why I say, you don’t need all the school supplies on the list! I can’t tell you how many supplies come back home, at the end of the school year. New folders, never or rarely used, a collection of new pencils and even binders!

Reuse What You Have

Binders and crayons/markers are probably the top 2 items that can be reused. For some odd reason, my children’s lists always request 2 boxes of crayons, markers and colored pencils, to only come home with unused boxes. Go through everything and check off what your child has, from the list. Then you can start shopping!

Don’t Buy in Bulk

I have read articles, that this year many parents are buying in bulk because of the pandemic. Just to be safe. However, I have to say most of us have many of these supplies at home already. Think of that red pen your child might “need.” A red pen will last all year or longer! We don’t use red pens the way we use blue and black pens. Give your child a pen or two from your pen collection!

Save Throughout The Year

During school holidays, such as Halloween and Valentine’s Day, pencils and erasers are always given out as gifts, since candy is really not recommended (due to nut-allergies). I never throw the pencils out. The kids can use them at home, to do homework. Most of the time they keep a box of supplies at school. Even the number 2 pencils is a bit much. Even as a kid, I can remember having tons of school supplies left over, that were never used!

School Supply Shortage 2021

There is a high demand on school supplies this year, due to the pandemic. Since many of the supplies are made overseas and many countries still on lockdown, the supplies are not being made quick enough or shipped on normal schedule. Start shopping slowly, as it can become very expensive buying EVERYTHING on the list. Regardless of a supply shortage, Once the middle of August comes, most stores start to run out of supplies. Start shopping early, a bit at a time!

Happy Shopping!

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