3 Arugula Salad Ideas To Try This Week

Arugula is one of those greens that actually has some flavor. Romaines and iceberg salads, for example, have a mild taste and are easy to eat. When it comes to salad lovers and those who like extra flavors, arugula is a must try. Here are 3 arugula salad ideas to try this week.

What Does Arugula Taste Like?

Arugula has a beautiful leaf. It is easy to tell it apart from any salad out there. It has a peppery taste that goes well in anything. Try it as a salad, on pasta and even sandwiches and wraps! The taste itself makes me crave it during the spring and summer months. However, it is available all year round in my area, which is a plus!

Nectarine and Blue Cheese Salad

This is one of my go to salads in the summer. Nectarine and blue cheese salad has only 3 ingredients! Now that it is finally spring, you will now start to see nectarines and peaches in store. It is a summer fruit but you start to see them in grocery stores usually in April. I did notice them a few weeks ago at my local grocery story.

This salad goes well with steak or any meat but my favorite way is serving it with steak. It is also a perfect side salad to serve at a BBQ or as an appetizer.

Arugula With Salmon

This salad was very simple to make. I topped the arugula with feta cheese, beets and red onions. The salmon was seasoned with blackening spice. A very simple meal to make in just 15 minutes! For the vinaigrette, I used oil and vinegar with a pinch of salt.

arugula salad with salmon
Arugula Salad with Salmon

Grilled Chicken and Arugula Mixed Salad

Here is another simple salad using arugula. For this salad, I used arugula and a spring mixture salad, topped off with cherry tomatoes, orange peppers, red onions, beets and pickled jalapeños. The chicken is marinated in a garlic herb sauce. For the dressing I also used oil and vinegar with a pinch of salt.

arugula with chicken
Grilled Chicken and Arugula Mixed Salad

Use Leftovers

I love using leftovers to make salads. Specifically leftover vegetables. A little bit of everything, elevates the textures and taste to any salad! Instead of sticking with just lettuce as your main salad ingredient, try arugula this week!

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