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What to Make and Do With Leftovers

Blog #90: What to make and do with leftovers? That’s always a question we all have. Most dismiss the idea of what to do and either save what’s left for the next day or toss it. There are so many things to make with leftovers. One thing I hate is to waste food. Whether I plan to use the food for later that day, the next day or a few days later there is always something you can incorporate with your leftovers. If you don’t plan to use it anytime soon then freeze it!


For those busy week days, when you don’t want to cook or just need to go food shopping. The possibilities are endless. I could honestly give you an ongoing list on what to do with your leftovers. Sometimes you may have enough chicken or beef for one serving or maybe not even one serving! Then there’s the vegetables no one ate.

An easy way to use chicken, for example, is to mix vegetables and add italian dressing! New flavors for the next day! The Sriracha Ranch dressing is another great combination with tacos. I purchased mine at Trader Joe’s but there are other brands that sell it. See the picture below.

Here is a list of Ideas:

  • Rice – perfect to make fried rice
  • Meat – make a farro bowl with vegetables and incorporate; make a salad; make a sandwich
  • Vegetables – add to scrambled eggs; serve with a fried egg; add to a salad
  • Pasta- add meat and cheese; reheat with extra pasta sauce to bring it back to life!
  • Ground Meat- make a burrito bowl; grilled cheese with meat; add taco seasoning and mix and make a naan taco pizza
  • Bacon- add it to salads, scramble into your eggs, make a BLT
  • Guacamole– serve with meat or eggs; spread on toast with a splash lime juice, hot sauce and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese
  • Seafood- this should not be left in the fridge for more than a day. Make tacos or a salad. Or freeze for another day!

Here Are More Ideas in Pictures

Remember, you can experiment with whatever you have. Add different seasonings to make a new dish or by add adding a bit of something new to a dish can make all the difference! Today, I had a caesar salad and tossed in leftover corn and beef! Delicious!

What do you make with your leftovers?


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